CES Review of News: Nvidia Crops, LG Flex, Mo'T-Mo Un, Nexus 10+ & LG Flex

While CES doesn't officially start until January 7, there has been a bunch of related news.

A crop circle in a fielnvidiacropcircled south of San Francisco is publicity stunt, ad to promote a new announcement by Nvidia. Nividia posted the image on its website. At 8:00 pm on Monday Nvidia will announce the new Tegra 5 or new Maxwell GPU via a press conference and webcast.

Thousands of flights have been cancelled, however since Wireless and Mobile News staff are driving, we'll be there late on Tuesday January 7. However, many announcements will have to be supplemented with online, blog or webcast announcements, to make sure the word gets out.

We expect some kind of new UnCarrier 4.0 announcement from T-mobile. Rumors suggest that T-Mobile will give credits or pay for Early Termination Fees.

Sprint will try to spark-up its Spark network and may announced the new curvaceous LG Flex. Carriers are expected to show off new connected devices such as cars, pill bottles and even football helmets.

ZTE will annnounced the Grand S II, Nubia 5s, Nubia5s mini, and the 5" Sonata 4G for AT&T's Aio.Huawei and Asus, Meizu and Sony will announce new phones, too.

There have also been rumors that Samsung will show the new 2014 Nexus 10 pure Android tablet.

Ford already announced that it will deploy its Sync AppLink system to 3.4 current ford owners through a software update. Owners of 2010 model year car can update the software to have integrate over 60 apps running on iPhones and Android devices. Ford is suspected to reveal a fully solar-powered vehicle.

Netatmo will show JUNE, a bracelet that measures sun exposure.

Techno Source, will show the  Kurio Phone, claimed to beSafest Smartphone for Kid with parental controls  including app management, time control features and the Kurio Genius Internet filtering system with advanced security levels and daily auto-updates covering more than 450 million websites (and counting) in 170 different languages.  Parents can manage contacts, phone use, apps, calendar, track with GPS and also ad geo-fencing. It runs Android 4.2 and has 4" screen.

Alarm.com,  announced a new Wellness solution hat combines sensors, mobile notifications and home automation for independent living.  Using real-time information from in-home sensors, the solution notifies family members or designated caregivers of unexpected changes in routines that may indicate an emergency.  It is integrated with Alarm.com's Interactive Security service.