Hang w/ Denver Bronco Julius Thomas Live Streaming His Pre-Game Life

JuliusThomasHang w/ social streaming video, announced  that Julius Thomas will use Hang w/ to live stream his experiences from New York in the days leading up to and following Super Bowl XLVIII. See our list of best Super Bowl apps.

Julius Thomas, tight end for the Denver Broncos, has emerged this season as a prime offensive target for Peyton Manning and goes into the big game with 65 receptions and 12 touchdowns.Thomas  will share his experiences in New York as he gets ready for the Super Bowl via the Hang w/ live streaming platform.

 The Hang w/ platform allows users to "hang with" each other via live streaming video and simultaneous chat.

Using Hang w/, anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device is able to broadcast and share experiences live with friends, family and followers worldwide.

Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device can follow Julius Thomas by downloading the app at www.hangwith.me.

You can also stream your Super Bowl expereincess in Hang w/.

Tap Start Broadcasting and you can stream directly from your camera to dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people at once.  Hang w/ streams also to your Facebook wall, even your friends who aren't as cool can watch what you're doing live.

 The "Hang w/" app connects people through live streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to thousands of viewers revolutionizing the social media landscape.

Another people who used the  Hang w/ platform  include Larry the Cable Guy,50 Cent, Timbaland, Kaskade, Paula Abdul, Terrell Owens, Cheech and Chong, and Jamie Kennedy.