TaxAct Income Tax Filing on iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android

The new TtaxactfederalaxACT app for iPhones and Android TaxACT Express to securely file federal free from a smartphone.

The new TaxACT Express lets you start and finish on a smartphone, tablet or computer. The app works via set of questions an answers for income, deductions and other tax information Tax Act Express is for simple Federal Income Tax filing and calculations for: wages and salary (W-2), Dependents and dependent credits Interest income (1099-INT), Dividend income (1099-DIV), Education credits and deductions (1098-E, 1098-T), Unemployment compensation (1099-G) and Earned Income Credit Retirement Savings Contributions Credit

Taxpayers with more complicated tax situations and  finish and file with TaxACT Online using a browser or with the tablet app that supports all tax situations and all e-fileable forms.

TaxAct can tap on their refund or liability amounts at any time to view a summary of their return. After users complete the interview, TaxACT Alerts checks returns for potential errors and missing information.

All individual federal returns are backed by TaxACT's maximum refund, accuracy and satisfaction guarantees. To prepare, print and e-file a state return in TaxACT Express is just $7.99.

Payment isn't required until users print or e-file. Start, file & track your return anytime, anywhere TaxACT Express is compatible with TaxACT Online solutions, giving taxpayers the unprecedented option to start, file and monitor the e-file status of their returns on a smartphone, tablet or computer - all with the same username and password.

Users can also check their return and refund status by signing into TaxACT Online, at or with TaxACT's companion apps.

Express users who file with TaxACT Online using a browser or with the tablet app are subject to applicable TaxACT Online pricing.