Verizon New Plans Offer 1 Cent Calls to Mexico/Canada (Free) and 250MB Data

VZWinternationalmessagingAs we noted before, since T-Mobile has started paying ETF fees for new customer, carriers are changing the plans they offer. Verizon Wireless added a new 250MB option on its Share Everything plans and also has a new International messaging deal with cheaper international calls. Verizon Wireless in the third quarter of 2013 added  1.7 million new net customers.The previous smallest data option for Verizon Wireless smartphone plans was 500MB at $40 a month, now a smartphone owner can buy 250MB for $20 a month an pay overages which can be pretty hefty. One GB a month is $50 a month.

  • For the 250 MB plan, data overage is $15 per 200 MB.
  • For the 500 MB plan, data overage is $15 per 500 MB.
  • For plans 1GB and above, data overage is $15 per 1GB of data if you go over your plan allowance.

Another new plan launched by Verizon Wireless today is World Messaging Unlimited. The plan offers unlimited text messaging to from the U.S. to most major countries for $5 a month and drops the per-minute cost of voice calls to landilnes and wireless number. For example calls made to Canada and Mexico cost one cent a minute while calls to the Caribeean and Central America are 5 cents a minute.

For a limited time World Messaging for the first three months is free thereafter the cost is $5 a month.

T-Mobile, on the other hand, offers free international data roaming.