Are New Verizon Deals & Nexus 7 Free iPhone & $100 min Trade-in--Contract Keepers?

verizontradeinupToday, there were reports that Verizon's news deals are fueling price wars.  The deals we've seen before in other forms. If however, you are looking for some kind of Verizon cheaper discount, they may be worthwhile.Until February 17, Verizon is waiving the $35 activation fee.  We have similar deals in the past for Valentines' Day.  Customers who trade-in a working smartphone are guaranteed at least $100 for the phone up to $300 until March 31 when they buy and activate a new 4G LTE smartphone.

Last year, Verizon for Valentine's Day reduced the prices of many popular smartphone models.

Verizon Wireless announced that the second generation Nexus 7 32GB tablet will cost $349.99 with a discount of $100 to $249.99 with a new two year agreement starting February 13.  The unlocked Nexus 7 did not work on the Verizon network due to issue that was fixed in Android 4.4 KitKat.

Verizon also offers $200 off some Samsung tablets with two-year activation. The 7" Ellipsis tablet is free with two-year activation.

Verizon Wireless is also offering free iPhone 4S with a two-year activation.

On Friday, we reported that Verizon will offer some customers a discounted loyalty plan in certain cases, that does not include mobile hotspot.

Verizon Wireless, last week, began offering an NFC case that allows Verizon iPhone owner to use the Isis Mobile Wallet, the Incipio cashwrap case for $70-$80.

Meanwhile, Verizon will no longer offer the $10 discount for customers who have both Fios and Verizon Wireless on the same bill. Verizon Wireless customers that sign up for a new American Express Serve Account through the Isis Mobile Wallet will get a $40 Serve Account credit through March 31, 2014