Verizon Mo' Cheaper Discounted Plans Coming?

Imoreverizont seems like only a few years ago that I was speaking to a Verizon spokesman who told me that Verizon made its Share Everything Plans to be simple and easy to understand.  Then along comes the big magenta disruption from T-Mobile with its un-carrier deals, free international roaming and text messages and what do we get from big red?

More confusing, yet cheaper more dat-packed plans coming for data hogs and free international texting.

All we know so far for sure is that Verizon has Tweeted that "the next game changer from Verizon is coming tomorrow.

We don't think that the game changer is the Nexus 7 that is also launching tomorrow.  However an unnamed source reported that Verizon is planing  new "More Everything" plans with bigger data buckets for Edge customers at cheaper prices.

Edge customers stay on the leading edge by paying full price for the phone over time. The price of 8GB twill be reduced by $10 and cost $30 a month and the 10 GB plan go down to $20. Yes, it will cost less more more data according to a leaked document.

The Share Everything Plans will be re-branded "More Everything"  with more data and free unlimited data messaging. On top of the more everything will be 25GB of free Verizon cloud storage.

Verizon will also offer three months free of the International value plan that usually costs $5.00 a month, with one-cent a minute calls to Mexico and Canada.

For those who already have a Share Everything plan, customers with 500MB will get 1GB, those with 1GB will get 2GB and those with 2GB will get 3G automatically. Those Verizon customers with 250MB and and $10/700 minute plans will be grandfathered and remain the same.

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