Boost and Virgin Mobile Cheaper Better Plans than Sprint's New Prepaid

sprintprepaidSprint as You Go is now gone, the former prepaid plans from Sprint have been replaced by the new Sprint Prepaid plans that are not not cheaper than Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile that currently offer less expensive options on the same network.

Formerly, Sprint As You Go consisted of two plans $70 for unlimited voice, texting and data for smartphones or $50 a month for feature phones with unlimited voice, texting and data. The plans were not throttled.

The new Sprint Prepaid plans are

  • Smart - $45  a month for unlimited voice, texting and Wi-Fi data only.
  • Smart Plus - $60 a month unlimited voice, texting and 2.5GB of data video streaming could be limited to 3G speeds.

New Sprint Prepaid Devices:

  • LTE Samsung Galaxy S3
  • 3G Motorola G
  • Sprint Spark Samsung Galaxy S4 mini
  • Pre-owned iPhone 4S, must use the $60 plan.

Sprint Prepaid customers can use the Money Express service to send money, load checks and pay bills along with a Sprint prepaid Visa card to make debit card purchases.

Sprint powers the network behind Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile  current promotions include a $30 credit for Boost Mobile Monthly unlimited plan, a $50 credit for switching or unlimited plans for $35 for the fist six months of service.

Virgin Mobile plans start at $40 a month and paid by minutes. New Virgin Mobile promotions include $100 off the Desire for and a $35 account credit on March 20 only.

When you prepay with Virgin Mobile can cost $35 per month for 300 voice minutes unlimited text and data. The next plan up is 1200 minutes for $45 and unlimited minutes for $50 a month.  The plans can be reduced by $5.00 a month paying with Auto Pay for iPhones only. All Virgin MobileVirgin Mobile Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Samsung Galaxy($150 off) HTC Desire ($100 off) & More Deals (2103) smartphone plans include 2.5GB/month of high speed data.

Recently, T-Mobile increased the price of its unlimited plan to $70 a month, Verizon Wireless added data and AT&T cut the price of Value Share Plans.


3 thoughts on “Boost and Virgin Mobile Cheaper Better Plans than Sprint's New Prepaid”

  1. None of those plans can beat on price, convenience or service (disclosure: am a customer of and have no other associations or financial interests with the company). My typical monthly cellphone bill is less than $15, which is automatically charged to my credit card at end of month.

  2. It's worth noting that boost and virgin are locked to the sprint network only and do not roam. This is very restrictive in many markets. Normal sprint service roams off the version network when your out of sprint coverage.

  3. I completely agree with you, even at Boost, you can lower your monthly expenses by $15 by adopting Shrinking payment plan...

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