Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3 Next Big Thing Review of Selfie Promotion from Oscars

OscarsSelfieThe Samsung Galaxy Note 3, may have had more screen time and stole parts of the Oscars on Sunday night.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 selfie was re-Tweeted over 3 million times while new  Samsung commercials exclaim "You Need to See This" and 'Amazing Things Happen."

At one point Samsung was getting about 900 mentions a minute on social media, according to social media tracker Kontera, Samsung could have spent $20 million for the product placement at the Oscars.

Samsung's Oscar selfie plug worked very well.  Kontera reported that 23% of the online commentary around it on social media has been positive while nearly 69% of the comments were neutral. Merely 8% of the comments were negative.

Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneris was caught Tweeting during the Oscars on her personal iPhone.

There was a Samsung room filled with Samsung devices including Televisions playing movies during the Oscar ceremony at the Dolby Theatre.

As far a product placement goes, Samsung was a big winner, no matter if it is the be the next big thing.

Samsung released a new commercial , "You Need to See This" showing many touching scenes that then ends on the red carpet. "Amazing Things Happen," shows shots of many of the Samsung family of products in black on black.

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  1. Samsung GS5 is not at all a good phone from any point of view. It looks same like GS4 and got no reason for upgrade. Samsung is soon going to join BlackBerry path and they are creating their own end by launching same designed products again and again.

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