Cheaper Deal for Verizon Edge More Everything Data Buckets 10 GB+

verixonVerizon Wireless lowered the price of the More Everything Edge smartphone 10GB plans that matches the price drop AT&T of made earlier this year with its Mobile Share Value plans.

The price for four smartphones using a 10GB data is now $160 with the More Everything Edge Verizon Wireless plans.The price per smartphone line for customers who had 10 GB buckets or more and who subscribed to its Edge upgrade program was $20 per month it has be reduced to $15 per month per smartphone line. This is for only customers with over 10GB of data.

It will still cost $30 per line for those who buy 8GB of data a month. There is still a$40 per month per line cost for phone in which the smartphone is subsidized.  With the Verizon Edge plan the smartphones are not subsidized.

You will not be able to get the buy one HTC One and get one One free deal.

2 thoughts on “Cheaper Deal for Verizon Edge More Everything Data Buckets 10 GB+”

  1. Good step to lure high data users but if a family opt it, then also Verizon charge $160 while AT&T = $160, Sprint $200 and at T-Mo

  2. I like Verizon Wireless, because they have the best coverage, speed, reliability and 4G LTE Network. But prices are great, but reduce the prices half the price, then it will be better.

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