Samsung Galaxy S5 Review of News: Great Sales, Expensive, Breaks-Less & More Carriers

samsunggalaxys5breakscoreThe Samsung Galaxy S5 went officially on sale on April 11 and there is already news surrounding the latest model in the new Samsung Galaxy, regarding expected sales, cost to make, break-ability rating, finger print scanner hacking and upcoming launches.

According to the Korea Times Samsung shipped 1.3 times as many Galaxy S5 units on the first day of sales than it did on the launch day of the S4. Samsung insider said that Samsung expects to ship 35 million Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 with 32 Gigabytes of NAND flash memory carries a BOM of $251.52, according to a preliminary estimate by the Teardown Mobile Handsets Intelligence Service at IHS Technology (NYSE: IHS).The cost rises to $256.52 when the $5.00 manufacturing cost is added.   This is more expensive than other high-end smartphones, such as the 32GByte iPhone 5S, which carried a $207.00 BOM based on an IHS pricing estimate in September. The S5’s BOM contrasts even more starkly with smartphones at the lowest end of the cost spectrum, such as two Android devices, the ZTE U793 and K-Touch T619+, which have BOMs of less than $35, according to recent IHS teardowns.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has IP67 specifications for dust and water resistance.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner was hacked by Security Research Lab using a  photo of a fingerprint on a smartphone screen to create a "fake finger" sheet out of a wood-glue mold to access the home screen and send money via the PayPal app.

SquareTrade’s Breakability Face-Off,  rated  the Samsung Galaxy S5 at medium risk (6) the lower scores are better. iPhone 5s is rated 5.5 and HTC One (M8) is rated 6.5 and the LG Nexus 5 is rated at 7.

"According to our research, 28% of smartphone owners, or about 44 million Americans, are considering buying the Samsung Galaxy S5," says Ty Shay, CMO of SquareTrade who was surprised at how well it did in the drop test.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint. Other carriers that will release the Samsung Galaxy S5 are Boost Mobile, MetroPCS and Virgin Mobile