New Mic for iPhone 5/5S/5C, Samsung Galaxy S or Android Makes Everything Sound Better

atr3350is_1_sqATR3350iS Lavalier Microphone is a professional quality microphone with smartphone capability. This will make audio recordings on your iPhone 5S/5c/5 or Samsung Galaxy S3-5 much better.  It is especially helpful if you are recording video on your iPhone or smartphone.

The ATR3350iS lavalier mic combines clear, intelligible voice reproduction with smartphone compatibility.

"The ATR3350iS is ideal for consumer and 'prosumer' users, whether they're a singer who wants the freedom of movement of wireless, a corporate presenter, a dance instructor or anyone seeking a high-value, high-performance mic solution," said Crystal Griffith, Audio-Technica Consumer Marketing Manager.

The ATR3350iS features a dual-mono 1/8-inch output plug that connects to a video camera, DSLR or handheld audio recorder's stereo 1/8-inch input, to record audio on both the left and right channels. Its high-quality, newscaster-style miniature omnidirectional mic element provides full coverage of the wearer's voice and delivers clear, natural sound quality.

The ATR3350iS is supplied with an adapter that enables use with smartphones, including iPhone and Android phones. The ATR3350iS comes with a tie clip, LR44 battery and foam windscreen.

This high-quality condenser microphone is ideal for video use, and is a favorite choice for aerobics/dance/sports instructors. Itis small enough that it doesn't stand out. It would also work well for recording interviews for journalists or shooting videos.  The omni pickup pattern offers full coverage.  When you buy it you get adapter for use with newer smartphones (Android, iPhone, more). Tie clip, LR44 battery and foam windscreen

The ATR3350iS omnidirectional condenser lavalier mic is available at US$29.95 suggested retail. B&H Audio is selling the ATR3350iS  for $21.87