Best Care Giver Cell Phone GreatCall Black Friday Deals for Grandma/pa or Auntie: 50% Off Jitterbug, Samsung & Splash w/Med Alerts

greatcallThe sales are amazing for prepaid low-cost wireless carriers this Black Friday deal season. GreatCall, provider of the easy-to-use senior-focused phone Jitterbug, slashed prices to 50% off  all phones/devices and added three free accessories with each device with values from $50-$60 each.  More than  just cell phones or alert devices GreatCall is a network of help and medical information to give users and care givers peace of mind this holiday season. The is one of our favorite Black Friday through Cyber Monday deals for either older friends, grand parents, parents, family members or care givers.

People who care for senior family members or friends with disabilities are often frustrated that the person doesn't know how to use a new smartphone, forgets to charge the phone or can't hit the buttons.  GreatCall has many options to help these individuals and care givers. We recently had a problem with my aunt who is close to ninety, her landline wasn't working and she didn't charge her cell phone, my cousin who lives across the country was very upset.  Our aunt was fine but there was no way to communicate with her or tell where she was. These GreatCall devices offer peace of mind for the whole family. If my aunt had GreatCall services we wouldn't be so worried because we could have located her with GPS and we could have gotten a notice that the battery is low on her phone and contacted her to tell her to charge it.

Cargiver tools with GreatCall 's GoPlan services include a smartphone app that keeps caregivers informed about the health and safety of family members using GreatCall devices as well as automated call scheduling to check in on the family member . Friends and family who download the Link app to their smartphone will receive an alert when the user of a GreatCall device contacts a 5 Star agent in an emergency, including the date, time of call and type of help provided. In addition, the app provides information on daily events such as current locations, power status, and a list of activities to ensure that daily routines are normal and the device is charged and in use. Also included in the GoPlan is the GreatCall 5 Star Service by U.S. call center agents only and unlimited 24/7 access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors.  GreatCall offers the lowest monthly rates services especially helpful to those of advanced age or with special needs.

Starting today prices for GreatCall devices are half with gift free acessories.

  • Touch3 MSRP$169.99 Sale: $84.99 - This 4" touchscreen Samsung smartphone has built-in health and safety apps, large letters on menus, full-size, on-screen keyboard and  5MP camera, voice dial. Free accessories (Leather Case, Car Charger and Headphones (not sold separately), a $60 value are included.  The MedCoach medication reminder app enables users to easily follow medication schedules as prescribed by their doctors. BUY NOW.
  • Jitterbug5 MSRP$119 Sale: $59.50 a large clam shell basic phone, it  has big buttons and a dedicated 5 Star help button and as an added bonus for the sale comes with Leather Case, Car Charger and Sporty Lanyard, a $60 value. BUY NOW
  • Splash MSRP$49.99 Sale: $24.99 is a medical alert device and help service that can be worn.  The user touches the button on the waterproof Splash and  isimmediately connected via two-way communication with a 5Star Agent, who is ready and able to help. Using GPS an agent will confirm the location and send the help needed.. There is an excellent commercial below that demonstrates how fast it works. With a GreatCall GoPlan, the Splash can be used to access a nurse or doctor for advice, 24/7. It comes in Silver or Blue. For this week only free accessories include a Wristband, Sporty Lanyard and Beaded Lanyard, a $50 value. BUY NOW

Users get  the first month free when you download the GreatCall 5Star app. The AliveCor Heart Monitor is now available as a Touch3 accessory, enabling those with suspected or diagnosed heart conditions as well as those at risk of heart conditions to fully participate in their own cardiac health.

GreatCall phone plans start at $14.99 a month (50 talk minutes) or GoPlans start at $24.99 a month.  The company recently added share plans with unlimited calling to friends and family on the shared plans.  Data plans start at $2.49 a month for low data use.

For people who remember the days when an operator connected calls.  GreatCall also lets the user dial 0 to get an operator assisted call or help to add a contact to the phone for an added fee.

If for any reason, within 30 days from date of purchase, you are not completely satisfied with your phone, we will refund the activation fee, the first month's service charge and the cost of the phone, plus applicable taxes if you, have used less than 30 minutes,return the phone in "like new" condition, as determined by GreatCall, in the original box with all components and materials.