Vote for the Best and Worst Connected Car Tech of 2014: Apple's iOS 8 the biggest loser? CarPlay a winner?

TechCARSAwardssAUTO Connected Car News announced the nominees for the annual Tech CARS (Technology of Connected Autos Rated Superior) Awards for connected cars and related products or services and voting is now live online.

"It's about time we have categories that show the latest car technology hits and misses for 2014," said AUTO Connected Car News editor, Lynn Walford.

There are nine categories that highlight achievements for connected car technology.

Nominated for the “Overall Best Implementation of Any New Car Tech to Make Lives Better or Easier” are BMW, GM, Hyundai and Ford for neat technology launched in 2014.

There are several nominations for the “Best Implementation of Connected Car Tech with Smartphones” including, Volkswagen Car-Net, Nissan Connect, justDrive Jaguar Land Rover, GM OnStar RemoteLink and Ford SYNC AppLink developer apps.

The category of Best Electric Car Technology is co-sponsored by Electric Car Insider with nominees; BMW i3, AWD Tesla S, Nissan Leaf, Fiat and TransPower.

All the awards are just for praise and accolades there are four nominees for the ”Edsel Yugo Award for Biggest Snafu in Connected Car Technology 2014” Debacles nominated are Apple’s Bluetooth Bungle (for Bluetooth issues with iOS Updates 8-8.1 and iPhone 6/6+ - for wreaking havoc on in car systems), GM Chevy App Shop Chopped (closed for remodeling and misquoted), Takata air bags recall and the media darling sacre-hackster duo (Chris Valesek and Charlie Miller).

Voters can vote for the Best ADAS Feature of 2014 with choices of Hyundai Sonata, Volvo Safe City, GM Safety Alert Seat and Tesla S.

2014 is the first year, consumers could use CarPlay and can vote for their either Pioneer NEX, Ferrari FF or Alpine iLX-007 as the best CarPlay provider.

OBDII port connected car devices nominated are Mojio, Zubie, Automatic and Dash.

Parents and teens may vote for Best Distracted Driver Anti Texting App such as OTTER App, SafeCell 360 or AT&T DriveMode.

Connected car enthusiasts love trade shows, exhibitions and symposium. Visitors to AUTO Connected Car News can vote for CES International, the Connected Car Expo, Telematics Detroit, Michigan, Telematics West Coast and C3 Connected Car Conference at CE Week as the best.

The public is invited to vote for their favorite winners at AUTO Connected Car News. Winners will be announced after voting has been tabulated. If there is a tie in a category, judges from the industry will help decide the winners.