AUTO Connected Car News' New Ultimate CarPlay & Android Auto Database List

ACNUltimateCarPlayAndroidAUtolist-228x300AUTO Connected Car News announced it published its "Ultimate List of CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink" showing a comprehensive chart of all the makes and models that are currently available and announcements for future models. The 2016 model year is the first year we are seeing massive deployment of the new smartphone interfaces. In 2014,  only Ferrari was able to make CarPlay available in using an Alpine infotainment system. This year, the first cars to get Android Auto were 2105 Hyundai Sonatas with tech packages through a software update. Then Volkswagen updated its Car-Net autos for its MB II system that supports CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

"It's mind-boggling to keep track of all the announcements and then the retractions," said AUTO Connected Car News' editor, Lynn Walford. "That's why we created the database and now can show reports," who noted the online publication keep better public records than Apple or Google.

Although it is not clear yet if drivers really need Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, seeing a list of coming models makes it easier for car buyers who "must have" smartphone integration to be able to choose to buy now or wait for later.

The most economical model coming with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is the Chevy Spark with a 7" MyLink touchscreen which should cost around $13,000.00. The most expensive models available with CarPlay are the Ferrari California at around $200 K and the Ferrari FF at around $300 grand.

The carmaker with the most models available with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is GM for GMC, Buick and Chevorolet with over twenty models, followed by Volkswagen that also offers smartphone connections through MirrorLink.

Some people why automakers don't give over their headunits over to smartphone software companies entirely, notes Walford, however the cars have be able to run without a smartphone available in the car.

As with any new technology there are quirks and glitches reported with early versions of software.  Android Auto has already been updated to a newer version. There are many reports of problems of cars connected to iPhones with iOS 9.

When buying a car, it's always a good idea with new models and features to wait until the early problems are fixed, suggests Walford.