Tesla S is a big hit with Google cars in Silicon Valley crashes into Google AV injuring driver

AUTO Connected Car GooglestoryAUTO Connected Car News reports that a 2013 Tesla S collided with a Google Lexus AV in a crash that could only happen in the Silicon Valley. While perusing the accident reports AUTO Connected Car News editor, Lynn Walford discovered that the Google driver reported back pain after the incident.

The publication sees the whole situation as very bizarre because most Tesla S vehicles have auto-braking that should have prevented the Tesla S from rear-ending the Google self-driving Lexus.

"Technology is supposed to prevent accidents, unless something went wrong," said Walford.

AUTO Connected Car News previously, stated that since autonomous cars rely on cameras and sensors that it makes sense that the public should be able to see what really happens in crashes.

AUTO Connected Car News suggestion was heard by Consumer Watchdog a group that continually advocates for video and data to released as well as Police reports be required.

"There's been a lot of confusion as to what is car and what is a (LSV) neighborhood vehicle," the editor advises, "Many people don't understand that the reason why the little marshmallow cars' speeds are capped at 25 mph is because they don't have the safety features of a full size vehicle."

"The current state of having the self-driving car license holders file their own reports, is kind of like asking Volkswagen to test its own diesel vehicles, " Walford warned.

AUTO Connected Car News is vibrant source of connected car news. It recently ran several stories about the Connected Car Expo and LA Show Auto Show. The company recently announced that nominations for the Tech CARS awards are open to the public.

Read the full Google car crash report at AUTO Connected Car News.