The 7 most important things to remember to get the best deal on iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

iphone7stereoWe at Wireless and Mobile News have been through many different upgrades of the iPhone and we have learned things to be careful about before you upgrade or buy a new iPhone. Here are the seven most important things to remember before doing an iPhone upgrade. Since as of today the iPhone 7 Plus has sold-out and the black iPhone 7 is also sold-out. Customers can continue to preorder all styles and colors from retailers. You have time to look for better deal when stock is replenished.

One-Wait for Others to Test It, First

It is often better to wait a few weeks or even a month before buying the latest model. Often there are new glitches discovered and many incompatibility issues with other devices. For instance the iOS 10 update this week caused some iPhones to brick. Apple usually fixes the problem immediately but some iPhone users suffered.

Two-Research Compatibility

The major change for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S is the removal of the aux jack or audio jack. You may have many devices that you are using with the aux jack on your iPhone such as a car or your favorite headphones. There are new aftermarket devices in development that will adapt the lightning connector to the AUX connector. These will be bulky and they may not be compatible with all your legacy devices. Before you buy an iPhone 7, realize that you may not be able to use your favorite headphones for a while.  The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 + come with lightning connector earbuds, they may not be the style or the quality you like the most.

Three-Research Deals

The best deals for buying iPhones for trade-ins and longer return policies are around the holiday season. Apple releases the iPhone in September because the biggest sales and the renewal of contracts are typically in late November to December. Carriers often because of the gift-giving process over the holidays give a longer time to reflect on iPhones for returns and exchanges. If you're not sure, or you don't have the time to adapt to the new iPhone if you can wait until the holiday season when you may have some time off you may be able to get better deals.

Verizon specials include Get $100 Off Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless in ear headphones with the purchase of any Apple device, (offer applied in cart). Verizon is also offering the  iPhone 7 for $0 when you trade in select iPhone models. 649.99 on device payment req'd. Less $650 credit over 24 months w/trade in of qualified iPhone. Credits begins in 2-3 bill cycles. When you sswitch to Verizon LTE Advanced. 50% faster peak speeds. Save $100 on top smartphones. Use promo code VZWDEAL at checkout. New device payment activation required.

You can get iPhone 7 for $0 when you trade in an eligible iPhone to AT&T. Or switch and get a FREE iPhone 7 (32GB) when you have DIRECTV and AT&T.

Sprint preorders are now shipping around September 30. When you pre-order iPhone 7 on sprint.com, get a free memory upgrade. Or you can get Get iPhone 7 on Sprint! . There is also iPhone Forever from Sprint! Get the newest iPhone every year + Save up to $120 when you switch to Sprint and lease a new line of service!!

Four - Listen for Quality?

The iPhone 7 and 7 plus have new stereo speakers which should improve listening quality, they will still be small. If you connect to your car through an aux port, you may have to figure out some kind of adapter. Adapters right now are expensive, using a non-Apple adapter may void your warranty if something breaks. You can go to an Apple store or carrier retailer to listen to the new speakers and see if you like them.

Five Call Retail Stores when Preorders Are Back-ordered

In the past, preorder servers have gone down for the iPhone. You may have to wait if you order today online, since Apple has sold its current stock. When you phone stores on the day of purchase, they will tell you if they have the color and size you want. Going to an Apple store or crrier store may be faster. Plus the genius of sales associate may copy your files and settings foryou. When we last checked preorders are shipping for AT&T on September 20th to September 27th for the iPhone 7.  iPhone orders from Verizon were set to deliver by October 12th. T-Mobile pre-orders have been four times that of the iPhone 6 the black is the most popular color.

Six - Read the Fine Print for Extra Fees

When you do buy a new iPhone, be sure to read the exact details of all the deals that are being offered right now for the iPhone 7. Often in the credit will not appear for several months on your bill. The most important thing to realize that a $7000 iPhone 7 will require sales tax and in California that's close to $75 there maybe also activation fees on top of the sales tax that have to paid up front.

Seven - Test a Real iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and Look for Quality

There is nothing better than seeing and testing a phone in person. To some a thinner iPhone 7 may not make a difference. The black color is not the most popular, but when you see other colors you may like them better. The screen resolution on the iPhone 7 has not improved and doesn't have full HD screen. The iPhone 7 Plus has full HD screen. If you watch precise videos, you may notice a big difference. One major buying reason for the both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is water resistance.If you use your phone in wet weather, are athletic or go boating, the water resistance may be the most important reason for buying an iPhone as soon as you can.

The iPhone is now nine years old. We know there will be another model next year. The upgrades now are incremental. Take the time to make sure the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the models you really want and need right now.