Review Feel-Goodies Alexa Skills App: Excellent

In the current stressful negative political situation many people  get frazzled and overloaded with negativity, the Feel-Goodies® Alexa Skill helps to lighten the load.  Feel-Goodies® are a simple way to say "Alexa, open Feel-Goodies" and she will say something wonderful to you.

These uplifting feel-good messages  are great for down time, when you are taking a break or when you just want Alexa say something positive. There are many self-esteem building phrases that are simple but pack a positive punch. The algorithm appears to deliver Feel-Goodies® in a completely random order because sometimes a Feel-Goodie is repeated. However, I personally never get tired of hearing good things about me, over and over and over again.

Alexa already has a very pleasant sound to her voice, when she says Feel-Goodies®, she sound like a good friend who lovingly supports you. Sometimes Alexa's pronunciations are a little odd, but they all sound pretty good to me.

There are not many Alexa skills that remind you spiritual, uplifting truths about the goodness in all people, everywhere. Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement and Feel-Goodies® from Alexa are there for you. All you need to do is search Alexa skills for Feel-Goodies® (make sure you use the "s") or use go the Amazon (Feel-Goodies®) page  and enable the skill on your account. Then when you are frustrated, breathe and say, "Alexa" "open", "ask", "do" and "tell" all work followed by the the phrase "Feel-Goodies."

Here are the key phrases you can say to ask Alexa for Feel-Goodies®.

"Alexa, Open Feel-Goodies" or "Alexa, Open Feel Goodies, please."

"Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies." or "Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, please."or "Alexa, Ask Feel-Goodies, for more."

"Alexa, Do Feel-Goodies." or "Alexa, Do Feel-Goodies, please"

"Alexa, Tell Feel-Goodies." or "Alexa, Tell Feel-Goodies, please."

After asking Alexa for Feel-Goodies and listening to her for a while, I was in such I good mood I looked for Feel-Goodies® on the web and was surprised to see a website with even more Feel-Goodies with pretty pictures that illustrate the sayings.

An Amazon reviewer who gave the Feel-Goodies Skill 5-Stars wrote,

"Boy do we need Feel-Goodies now!"

Some may say that that "Feel-Goodies" are not perfect," so I asked, "Alexa, tell Feel-Goodies" and she responded

"You may not be perfect but parts of you are excellent!"

Some negative people may focus on the imperfections, but Feel-Goodies shines in showing us what parts of us are truly excellent.  Audio smileys and random sayings of kindness - The Alexa Feel-Goodies Skill is a must-enable for anyone with an Amazon Echo, Tap or Dot. Besides that Feel-Goodies® are free, fun and absolutely delightfully refreshing.

Both the website and reviews say, please be sure to ask for "Feel-Goodies," plural with an "s" on the end with major command phrase or Alexa may get confused.

Here's a video to show how to enable the skill:


5 / 5 stars