Review: Modius Bluetooth Headset--Proof that You Can Lose Weight Without Doing Anything Differently

We are in an obesity crisis, eating ourselves to death. Imagine if there was a way to reset your body clock to a time when humans roamed the earth foraging and had to keep lean... Or maybe you are wishing for something that can put your hypothalamus back to its original setting when you were a kid when you could eat anything you wanted. Or wishing for a better a way to lose a weight, eating what you normally eat and having tons of extra energy to do the things you haven't been able to do for years. Without sounding like an infomercial, I found a device that helps lose weight, that is very impressive and it works.

For the past ten years, I have been experiencing middle age weight gain. If you look in the books, I 'm not overweight but gained an extra ten pounds over my ideal weight. As a writer, I sit a lot but on weekdays on a daily basis, I swim for an hour a day. At 5'2" losing weight is very difficult because I usually don't eat that much at all. The worst part of the gain was I didn't fit in some of my favorite clothes including my special occasion designer dresses.

Where Can You Find the Latest Device?

CES in January, was a disaster in many ways. It was pouring raining. Everyone was sick and the power went out at the convention center. However, in a world where the vast majority of the population is struggling with weight gain, I found a device that helps people lose weight without a lot of stress and strain.

There I was with the flu trying to navigate through a giant ball ballroom of displays at Pepcom and I see these happy people putting this strange headband and connecting little snaps to an area behind ears. Since I was so sick and tired, I figured I had nothing to lose.

I am a small person, for the last five to ten years I have had a steady weight gain and slowing of my metabolism. I don't want to go into all the details but basically my precious dog died and my father died. Somehow food does make you make you feel better when you're depressed. Back to CES, Las Vegas.

The guys a booth told me that when you put the Modius on, it stimulates your hypothalamus helping to regulate hormones and thus help reset your body's weight meter. It sends waves into the vestibular system around your ears making the body believe that you are moving more and thus your body resets the amount of fat it is holding and creates more muscle.

After about 10 minutes on the device, the next morning when I woke up I felt better. I felt energized and healthier even though I had the flu.

Modius seemed too good to be true. On "The Doctors" show several women lost weight who had trouble with weight gain.

As far as exercise go, I exercise regularly every weekday. I swim for an hour and on Sundays I'm in a dance troupe and I dance. Now when I swim and I dance I was not over exerting myself but I was moving. Since I'm a small person I went from a size two or four to a four or six and also many of my clothes were no longer fitting me. Clothes that I really love.

I contacted the PR rep for Modius who was nice enough to give me a Modius unit to try for to see if it worked and write a review.

Modius Testing Phases:

At first, I followed directions and which said to use the unit for 45 minutes period a day. I charged the Modius, cleaned the skin behind my years with the alcohol wipe and placed the electrodes on the bony area behind my years, snapped on the wires and ran the software program on a Samsung Android phone.

When I talked to the inventor, Dr Jason McKeown, inventor of Modius, he said that when he tested it for him, he used it for 45 minutes to an hour a day.

Sleepless in Modiusville

The very first time I used it for 45 minutes I felt incredibly awake and I wasn't able to eat any junk food at all because the taste was so strong it was repulsive to me. After a few days at 45 minutes a day I woke up in the middle of the night wide awake looking for something to do. So did I start doing that was totally out of character?

I am not a great housekeeper, as a writer it is a low priority for me.  I live and I work at home and I have so many projects I've doing and thinking about.  However, after just a few days on the Modius, I decided to pick up things from the floor. Then I started vacuuming like I had never vacuumed before. One Friday afternoon, instead of writing at about 3:00pm after exercising for an hour I wanted to take my little dog for a two-hour walk.

After a few days of waking up way before sunrise, it became apparent to me that 45 minutes at a high setting was too much for me.  I realized that would have to use the Modius unit at a lower stimulation rate and for a shorter period of time. In general, I am a highly sensitive person. I have to use it less than twenty minutes a day with the Modius setting lower than 5 or I will not get enough sleep.

Results Results Results

On a steady regimen of using the Modius everyday and maybe skipping once a while--the first month I lost about a pound. In the second month I lost about a pound and now after three months I lost 3 pounds. My friend took a photo of me at the gym in which I was so embarrassed about my jiggly thighs, I wore shorts over my swimsuit. What I didn't expect was that the bubbly cellulite  on my legs looks less flabby. I also lost about a half an inch off my waist.

I've noticed some interesting things I have noticed while using the Modius.

  • I am aware that sometimes I eat not because I am hungry but to nurture myself, calm down or to relax.
  • Dairy products help me to calm down.
  • Even with eating a bag of Pop Chips in the afternoon, I  lost weight.
  • When moving I want to move more and more intensely.
  • I feel less sluggish and overall happier.

Previously, I was not aware every time I was choosing to eat for emotional needs as opposed to nutritional needs.When I first started using the Modius I was highly motivated because there was a very tight ball gown that I needed to fit into. I did fit into it perfectly by mid February.

What I noticed now when I exercise in the pool, I have more energy and I want to workout more vigorously. I also notice that I feel happier, stronger, and livelier.

The strangest outcome of using the Modius is my new-found obsession with cleaning things I never thought I would clean before, such as the little grooves in the humidifier. Or the morning I woke up after using the Modius for an extra 25 minutes (by mistake) and decided to take all the dishes out of my kitchen cabinet and re-line the shelves with new paper and clean it all out as well as cleaning the top shelf.

Another I believe change I have experienced from the Modius is slightly more creativity and desire for beauty. I told my friend that I want more flowers. So I've made more flower arrangements throughout my house.

What I  like about using the Modius is that it is a very simple solution to a complex problem in our culture. However, our food has become engineered it creates bodies that store too much of fat even for a small people.

I had no problems with the software running on an Android phone, after the recent update of Modius. Basically, you turn on the app. It connects to the device and then a countdown shows telling you the amount of time you have left using the device. If the pads become unattached, the screen shows a warning message.

I suggested to Dr. McKeown  to have an option where the user sets a timer say for 20 minutes and then it shuts off as opposed to the current method of having a total sixty minutes that counts down.

The headband is rechargeable and is slightly large for me. It would be nice if it was designed that it could be adjustable in size. When it was really cold I was wearing a cap and I couldn't get the Modius to work because the cap made my head too big.

The electrodes have to be applied behind the ears and they have a sticky substance on it and they can only be used once or in the Modius forum on Facebook some people have been able to use them twice. I noticed it is really important that the alcohol be applied to remove the grease from the skin in order to apply the electrodes.

Price Points

The Modius headset comes with what they call a three-month supply of electrodes which you throw away after one use. If you use two every day for three months and there 30 days in each month, that equals 180 electrodes. The Modius headset comes with  three bags of 50 electrodes that didn't last full three months. Replacement pads (150) are $39.99 with wipes every 3 months and $499 for the Modius device with a starting three-month supply. 

Most users will probably more that a three-month supply. Dr.McKeown told me in an interview that he used it for one year which totals $619.97 a year or $51.58 a month or $1.72 a day. Most of my local gym membership are around $40-$50 a month. From the Facebook comments, it appears those who workout with the device do much better that puts use in the range of $100 a month which for some people is affordable but not as cheap as the drug we call food.

Saving on Electrodes and Alcohol

I tried using rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball or cloth and that worked the same as the wipes. Here's where I think it is possible to cut the cost down slightly.

While at the Southern California Annual Linux Expo (SCALE), there was a booth with similarly priced TENS massager that worked with reusable electrode silicon pads that looked like the Modius electrodes. The pads are naturally sticky and you rinse them off with water.  I searched on Amazon and found 20 TechCare small reusable electrodes for $13.99 with a five-year limited warranty that you keep on a non-stick tray and can reuse them. It helps to have the pad holder for $7.99. The pads are slighty bigger than the ones that come with the Modius, and the metal part (that looks like a snap) is just a little smaller but they do click and work with the Modius unit. Because the area behind ears has hair, hair can get stuck in the silicon. I found it was best to clip my hair back before cleaning the area and sticking the pads on. I'm using a pair for two weeks and if I wash them with water only, they still have their stickiness. It also helps to moisten the pads with a wet cloth for better adhesion.

My friend who has used electrodes in scientific research said that I could cut down the pads which I did and they still work with the Modius. To me these pads feel the same.

The wires from the Modius unit are heavy and the reusable pads can come loose easier than with the original electrodes. The sensation feels the same as with the pads that come with the Modius unit. Since I am not a doctor or scientist, I suggest that you try it out for yourself and use your own best judgement. Most people who can afford $499 for the Modius can afford buying a three-month supply of electrodes every three months..

Alcohol prep pads on Amazon are dirt cheap, for instance the Amazon Choice Dynarex Alcohol Prep Pad, Sterile, Medium (Box of 200) is an add-on item for $3.28 for 200. I bought a bottle of rubbing alcohol at the 99 Cent Store for less than a dollar.

I have not been a person who has had major weight problems. But I am human and I'm surrounded like the rest of us by the most delicious food in the world, more food than I think I could ever eat. I don't have the time to double up the amount of exercise I do. I think Modius is a great way invigorate and rejuvenate your metabolic system to lose unnecessary weight.

Imperfections & Greatness

The Modius device and the software are not perfect. Because the headset has to pair with  Bluetooth to a phone it's not easy to know when it is fully charged. There is a little battery on the screen that if made bigger would help. You can not wear the Modius while moving. Moving can cause the pads to move or loosen up then the mini electric shock to the vestibular systems won't work.

What I like about Modius is I did have to do anything crazy or starve myself to lose weight. I think that the Modius provides the correct stimulation to get you moving and back grooving. I have the added advantage of having a much cleaner house.

Dr. McKeown says that after a year of using the Modius device he has not gained his weight back and if you see those photographs of those incredible six-pack abs, he does look fantastic. I am sorry to say that I did not get my 24 inch waist back however I do feel a lot better.

After two months of Modius use, I was able to get into my medium size 4  jeans or those in that size for range I am not able to get into my size 2 jeans but I have hope it may happen someday.  Although the price of Modius is less than the price of an iPhone, it costs too much for the most badly affected morbidly obese population. If there was a way to get the price down, the Modius would help more people.

The FDA and MHRA consider Modius to be a general wellness device. This means you can buy a headset without the need for a prescription, but the agencies have not reviewed the product for safety or effectiveness. If you use any drugs or have pacemaker check with your doctor before use. There are reports that some Modius users who have reported headaches, if that happens, I would lower the setting and time used.

You can now buy Modius for £299.00 from Amazon in the United Kingdom with a 19% discount. - as part of Amazon launchpad ( It does not ship to the United States).

In summary of my review of the Modius is why rate 4.5 stars is

Best features of Modius:

  • It is a simple easy way that works to lose weight
  • Good design that works with pairs Bluetooth with most current smartphones.
  • Helps produce a leaner body with less cellulite.
  • It makes you feel better, move more and thus makes you happier.


  • Expensive to use with monthly supply costs.
  • Headband is not adjustable for smaller heads and you can't wear hat while using it.
4.5 / 5 stars