Best Cheap Android Smartphone with Great Camera Review: ZTE Blade 10

ZTE Blade 10 UnlockedThe ZTE Blade 10 is probably one of the best economical Android phones on the market for an incredibly low price. It has all the features we've come to get used to in a more expensive Android phone but with a price tag that will make anybody happy.

I bought the ZTE Blade 10 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked) for $149.00 from B&H. I received it within a week or so and activated it with no problems. When I bought it I also bought a 64 GB micro SD card for $12.49 for extra storage.

The camera appears to be working fine and I use the panoramic mode to take this picture and you can see it is clear and put everything together fine. I did learn that sometimes by mistake I had it in face portrait mode and not photo mode and that caused some problems when I was not taking pictures of a face. It's also got some nice fun play features to edit the photos. As well as filters.

The ZTE Blade features dual 16MP f/1.8 and 5MP f/2.2 cameras, with a front 16MP f/2.0 camera for selfies. The Android 9.0 Pie operating runs quickly on a 2.0 GHz MTK Helio P60 Octa Core CPU with 3GB of DDR4X RAM.

Because this is an unlocked GSM phone it will not work on the Verizon network.

A other thing I like about it is that it's still has a connection for 3.5 mm earbuds wired in that I haven't gotten around to buying a good set of Bluetooth earbuds. The Bluetooth has worked fine in my car the only problem I've had is the phone signal dropping when I'm driving on the freeway.  I have not had signal dropping in the same car with the AT&T network therefore I'm thinking it's the T-Mobile problem. When I get an other AT&T SIM I will see if there is a problem.

With earbuds connected music plays fine. The speaker itself has that sound that most phones have of an old transistor radio if anyone could ever find a transistor radio anymore.

One of the problems that people wrote about having a with the ZTE blade 10 is the inability to find a case for it I found that if I took an iPhone 7 plus case that I bought from the dollar store and cut out a new hole for the fingerprint sensor and the camera the case worked temporarily. I ordered a case from China which took a month or two to receive.

I also ordered from eBay a screen protector.

The 6.3" screen itself is is not AMOLED but since I'm mainly using it as a telephone and not as my primary computer it is fine.

The shape of the phone itself of the ZTE Blade 10 fits fine in a hand. I like that the fingerprint sensor where is on the back of the phone and I just touched the fingerprint sensor and it unlocks the phone. This makes it much easier than entering a passcode. I have not set up facial recognition because it seems to take an extra step within the process so when I take the ZTE blade 10 out of my purse I just put my finger on the fingerprint sensor and it opens immediately. This phone has a lot of features for a very low price.

Another nice feature it has is the ability to take photographs with the volume button which comes in area comes in handy and areas where you can always see the screen.

This screen size is not ideal if I wanted to read a book but then again I will not be reading a book on my phone. For quick lookups on the internet it's fine.

Cell phone service seems to be a little off and I cannot tell if it is the T-Mobile network or if it is the phone itself. However I was in the same spot with someone who had a T-Mobile phone and we both want unable to get a signal. My belief is that T-Mobile is so popular that there are network problems on freeways and other areas where it changes cell towers.

I have not noticed any lagging in Android features such as voice dictation which I am doing right now and it is as fast or faster than the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy model I was previously using for this function. The only problem I have had with the ZTE Blade 10 that the plastic on the back is smudgy and has gotten scratched and that I don't think is a deal-breaker. Personally plastic is going to scratch.

All in all if you're looking for great value and most features that you'll use on a daily basis the ZTE Blade 10 is a fine choice for the money.

4.5 / 5 stars