Breezm Custom-3D-Printed Eyewear Honored by CES

Breezm announced that they were named a Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for their titanium 3D custom eyewear. They also confirmed their exhibition in the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, from January 5th through 8th, and opened their waitlist for early adopters in the United States, offering a 40% discount for their new release.

Breezm is a new eyewear brand run by Coptiq Co., Ltd headquartered in Seoul backed by eight prominent venture capitals, including Translink Investment, Seoul Techno Holdings, Bon Angels, Kakao Ventures and D-Camp. As the world's most futuristic brand in the eyewear industry, Breezm offers "Intelligent Fit" through custom eyewear optimized for each glasses-wearers face size, head shape, and taste in fashion, using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and big data analysis. They started from the pain point of over 60% of the population that force themselves to wear misfit eyewear that has been conventionally designed as 'one-size-fits-all.'

Not only launching the world's first titanium 3D custom eyewear, but Breezm also releases the new iOS mobile application. This app will help global consumers measure their faces seamlessly and accurately then choose the styles and colors they desire, wherever they are and whenever they want, without going through the hassles of visiting optical stores.

Breezm proposes 40+ front designs, 15+ colors, and 9+ temple styles. Once they receive the face data and eyewear selection each consumer submit, they produce each pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses individually using the 3D printer, then provide perfectly fitting eyewear for people even with a face of subtle imbalance or any irregularity.

The significant differences between Breezm from their competition are not only the high standard of customization and lightweight of the products but also their accessible price point. They offer three different customization packages whose price starts at $195, at least four times more affordable than the other custom eyewear, thanks to their cutting-edge technology.

"We want to set the new norm in the eyewear industry of 150 billion dollars by delivering complete transparency from production to pricing," said Hyung Jin Park, one of the two co-founders of Breezm. "Our consultants not only scan the glasses wearers' faces but also walk them through exactly why they will be benefitted by selecting a certain type of frame, material, and lenses, based on the big data analysis."

Established in 2017, Breezm opened the first storefront in Seoul in December 2018 with their iconic 3D scan robot. Since then, they have grown their revenue by 15% month on month, even during the pandemic, and opened five stores in Seoul. Now raising the Series B round, Breezm is preparing a crowdfunding campaign in January 2022 for brand awareness in the states.

"We make eyewear per order; therefore, we don't produce excessive inventory. Our software helps us minimize the amount of production material to use," said Wooseok Sung, the other co-founder of Breezm. "We have also created a frame recycling ecosystem—demolishing old Breezm frames back to polyamide powder to recycle them into book clips and smartphone cases."

As soon as they officially launch their mobile application, consumers can receive their custom eyewear, crafted just for them, within 2-3 weeks. Beforehand, Breezm proposes early access to selected early adopters and the CES attendees. If you are interested in this offer, please first sign up for their waitlist: https://launch.breezm.us.