Review Memix --Free Fun Video Meme-ification For IRL, WhatsApp, Messaging, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit

Memix, is free iPhone and Android app for creating video GIF memes almost instantly for chatting and fun. Memix claims that internet memes are no longer a silly distraction. They're a fundamental aspect of how we communicate with one another.

Previously you needed to find the video or image than use some kind of graphics program to make the meme. The beauty of Memix is that the videos have areas on the screen such as sign, empty phone screen, piece of paper  or sheet of paper where the phrase will go.

The way to make a Memix is so easy it took a while to figure out works.

How to Make a Meme with Memix

1.To make a meme, You open up the Memix app.

2. Search for meme backgrounds by term or pre-populated subjects on the top of the screen.

3. Then type in the phrase you want to communicate in the area "Change the Memix text."

4. Tap on the image to go with the text.

5. You will see a message "Generating Memix."

6. There are eight tabs on the bottom to representing social media apps, IRL, WhatsApp, Messaging, TikTok, , Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit or upload.

Note the upload button can be used to upload to any app on your phone.

6. From the selected app, you can send the Memix Meme.

The meme is watermarked "Memix."

The Memix app is fun to use.  It is easier to write the text first and then find the image to go with it.

It looks like you can add a fairly long message. The more words you add the smaller the text gets. I was able to count up to 100 suggesting that the text can hold up to around 300 characters.

I made a cute Memix for this article and the file size is too large for sharing through my texting app on Android (T-Mobile) and too large to upload to WordPress. Depending upon the length of the video file size can range from 3MB to 9MB.

I opened up Gmail and sent the GIF to my email address and it worked fine. The Memix can be uploaded to Google Photos.

The file was too big to upload to WordPress but I was able to upload  with no problem to Twitter.

There were plenty of fun videos to use. The videos offered are  creative, but do not cover all situations.

I presume that the file size is not too large for WhatsApp, TitTok, IRL or other similar apps geared toward video sharing.

There are other meme apps that use images with sticker such as Video and Gif Memes from ZomboDroid. This app is very easy to use should suffice.

The selection of videos work for most "text" memes. When I wanted to message my friend that I fell off the step stool and my Android messaging app found someone else falling.

All-in-all if you are the kind of person who likes meme on social media platform this app is Meme-tastic and worth playing with especially on rainy News Years Eve when you don't want to go out in the rain.











4 / 5 stars