Xoolit App Finds Deal & Maximizes Discounts for Local Businesses

Xoolit LLC launched the Xoolit app, a mobile application that redefines the shopping experience. It is a one-stop shop to find deals and credit card discounts. With Xoolit, users can browse products and deals from their favorite stores in one place while maximizing discounts based on the credit cards they carry. Xoolit offers nearby deals based on the user's location. The app is free for iPhone and Android users and available for download on App Store and Google Play. One user said, "Walk/drive around with the Xoolit app on your phone; you feel the magic of stores and deals coming along with you." For more info, search for Xoolit on the App Store or Google Play or visit https://xoolit.app

Xoolit sends smart notifications about credit card recommendations for maximum savings. For example, Sam, a grocery customer in Seattle, said, "I just walked past my favorite grocery store, and I received a mobile notification about a great deal. So I just went inside the store and was happy with the purchase."

With Xoolit, users get real deals from all their favorite retailers. Deals are updated regularly and grouped for the best deal browsing and seasonal experience. The Holiday (Christmas and New Year) exclusive deals page is currently live on the app.

Most shoppers use credit cards to complete their purchases. However, less than 10% of shoppers fully leverage their cards' discounts and cashback. It is overwhelming even for an experienced credit card user to understand and stay up to speed with all the discounts offered. Thanks to Xoolit, which simplifies and recommends a credit card for shopping. Amy, a user from Houston, said, "I received real-time notification of credit card recommendations when I walked into my favorite local retail store; this is just amazing."

Xoolit will launch a website for local businesses soon; businesses can promote real-time and location-based deals to Xoolit users with just a button click. Website registration for new businesses is a breeze; business owners can fully control what deals to promote, when to promote, and what discounts to offer. Terry, a local business owner who tried the Xoolit business portal in beta, said, "I was able to promote and execute a deal within a minute."