Remote HomeCare Watching and Caring from HomeSight and Homewatch Caregivers

Vantiva  a global technology leader in home connectivity, today unveils its innovative HomeSight Care Suite, a sophisticated connected care system designed to meet the needs of care providers to deliver remote care in the home through connection, engagement, and monitoring. The solution has been deployed by Homewatch CareGivers, as the Homewatch Connect™ system — part of their Homewatch CareGivers Total Care Solutions  personalized care offering.

“The HomeSight Care Suite from Vantiva is at the center of Homewatch Connect, providing a remote care capability as part of our overall hybrid care model” says Todd Houghton, President of Homewatch CareGivers.  “As the home care industry continues to evolve, it’s vital that we adopt technology such as Vantiva HomeSight to provide not just care, but companionship and support, helping to ensure that every individual receives the attention they deserve.”

The Vantiva HomeSight Care Suite is an end-to-end solution that facilitates seamless and secure connections among caregivers, families, and individuals requiring home care — fostering social engagement, reducing isolation, and promoting longer independent living. Virtual environmental and lifestyle monitoring captures actionable data that improves the level of care.
The system is designed to operate through a familiar TV-based platform, ensuring accessibility for individuals of varying technological proficiency. With Vantiva HomeSight solution, caregivers and families gain access to an array of features including video calling, photo sharing, remote environmental monitoring, and customizable care reminders and schedules.
At the core of Vantiva HomeSight solution lies an integrated smart camera that enables real-time communication with clients in their homes, complemented by a secure, cloud-based management platform and environmental sensors that offer valuable insights into daily routines, providing a bigger picture of their overall well-being. Leveraging this technology, care providers can tap into data to personalize and optimize care plans based on the individual’s needs and preferences.

“Vantiva’s deployment of the HomeSight solution marks a significant milestone in the diversification of our business and denotes the onset of a new era in our commitment to delivering unparalleled home connectivity. Stepping into the connected care market opens immense possibilities for the future of our company and aligns with a greater vision to enable positive change in the world through technology,” expressed Luis Martinez-Amago, CEO of Vantiva. “The demand for technology-driven care options continues to grow, and Vantiva is thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolutionary movement”, Martinez-Amago added.

Vantiva HomeSight solution currently supports English, Spanish, Dutch, and French, with availability in the EU and UK in addition to the USA, initially through Homewatch CareGivers.