Facebook Takes over Voice over IP for Free Calls on Android

Facebook recently launched its Home and Messenger apps in the United States.  If you don't want use your minutes, you can use VoIP (voice over IP) with Facebook Messenger.

VoIP will rollout to Android throughout today. If you are using Facebook Messenger and you see an "i" icon on your friend's profile you can tap "free call."

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HTC One Presale Deals 2Day

The HTC One is being offered for presale by two carriers, AT&T and Sprint. Discounts and deals are already being offered.

The AT&T HTC One started presales yesterday with a special bonus of a free HTC Media Link HD wireless HDMI adapter (a $90 value), which lets you wirelessly share content from your phone to your HD television.

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Galaxy S 4 News: New Price Deal from AT&T

Galaxy S 4 with miniThe Samsung Galaxy S 4 is in the news for new prices, presale dates and a smaller Samsung Galaxy S 4 mini.

Whoops, AT&T miscalculated the price of the Samsung Galaxy S 4  but is staying firm on the presale date.

Yes, AT&T will offer presales of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 on April 16, but the price for the 16GB model is$199.99. The 32 GB model will cost $249.99.

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