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iPhone5sUpdate January 24, 2014:

The Best Buy iPhone 5S deal is back and a new iPhone 5C deal is happening.

The iPhone 5s 16GB is $50 off at Best Buy with a contract.

Best Buy is is taking  $100 off on iPhone 5c 32GB, making $99.99 (with 2-year agmnt, free shipping), offer good until February 2, 2014.

In time for the Holidays both Sprint, AT&T and Best Buy have discounted the iPhone 5S (read iPhone 5S review).

Best Buy does have a $50 savings on the iPhone 5S with  a two year agreement that can get you another $50 off with a trade-in (Save $50 instantly and get a minimum $50 Best Buy gift card after you trade in any working smartphone and use it toward the purchase of an iPhone 5s 16GB).

AT&T has dropped the price of the 16GB iPhone 5S to $99 with a two-year contract. Sprint's iPhone 16GB 5S is $99 with a two-year contract for web-only switch and save, if you change carriers. Note you save $100 on any  Sprint phone when you switch your number to Sprint. New lines only. Restrictions apply. Sprint is the ideal choice for heavy data users.  Sprint is also introducing tri-band service in major outlets that is going to be very fast.

This is the first time we've seen a price drop before the holiday season.

Sprint also dropped the price of the 32GB iPhone 5S to $199 online with two year contract when you switch carriers.

The price drop does not in fact figure in the monthly cost of service over a two year period.

T-Mobile's iPhone plans include international data roaming  for simple plan subscribers which can save a lot of money for travelers.

You are welcome to read about iPhone 5S news.

However, the best deal for an iPhone 4 hands done is $199 from Virgin Mobile with monthly payment for as low as $30 a month. Virgin Mobile also offers the iPhone 4 8GB Black Certified Pre-Owned for $149.99.

We will continue to research this topic in greater detail and when we find the best cheapest deals on the iPhone 5S we will post it here.  Thank you for your patience.

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