Virgin Mobile Ads Went too Far from Virgin Deals

Virgin Mobile

Virgin MobileVirgin Mobile has pulled an offensive ad campaign that went too far and caused an outrage from Twitter users along with Virgin Mobile founder Richard Branson.

The ad which women do night find funny showed a man with with his left over a woman's face and another holding  box, asked "Necklace or Cholorform?" for a holiday question on December 8.

The image was Tweeted by Everyday Sexism Project‘s Twitter feed with suggestion that other users tweet Virgin Mobile U.S. and Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Gives Best Shot to African American Familes?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Samsung along with continuing to update its products to Jelly Bean and new premiun features, is promoting its products to people of color. The first round of commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Note II featured LeBron James at Guillermo.

The latest commercial  titled "Family Photo" features a mostly African American family taking a group family photo. Some of the family people can't stand still but the camera feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note II, allows to make a group shop by saving individual shots and them combining them all in one photo.

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iPad mini vs iPad Ads True or False?

iPad Mini Billboard

iPad Mini BillboardCommentary:

The latest iPad mini ads could be considered true or false advertising.

The most trafficked roadways  in Los Angeles are  plastered with  iPad mini billboards, which say nothing but imply a lot.  The latest television iPad mini  TV commercial also states nothing which may lead buyers to believe things about the iPad mini which are not true.

Billboard Hit & Run?

Let's look at the billboard ads with the title "iPad mini" with lots of white space and a hand holding the iPad mini, showing its smaller size.  Some billboards are in landscape and there is one in West  Hollywood that is vertical jutting into the sky. Many people who know nothing about iPads will assume that all the iPad mini is is a smaller version of the latest iPad.

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