AT&T 2 Refund Data Charges 4 Grandfathered Subs

ATT pics

ATT picsAs a result of an FCC  investigation, AT&T agreed to pay $700,000 for forcing grandfathered  pay-as-you-g0 subscribers to full data plan. The company is also refunding customers.

Some consumers who replaced  phones under warranty or insurance, or who moved were switched to the monthly data plans, even though AT&T had said the “grandfathering” policy would continue to apply.

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Carriers Like AT&T & Verizon Overcharge 4 Data, Says UCLA Study

Wireless Bill

Wireless BillNow that many carriers have switched to usage billing for data, it would be nice to find out if the usage billing is accurate.  According to a new study by UCLA computer science PhD researcher Chunyi Peng, billing is not only accurate, after her team studies to major wireless companies.

The carriers accounted for 50% of mobile subscribers, but were not disclosed. Using a data logging Android app, they compared the actual data usage to data billing.

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