New iPhone 5 Buyers Affluent, Unlimited Data Wanted & 4G LTE is VIP

Shared Data

PShared Dataarks Associates offers some interesting insights to the preferences of smartphone buyers. Those with higher incomes are more likely to buy an iPhone 5 and it appears that hardly anyone likes shared data plans while many think 4G LTE is important.

Research shows that people prefer unlimited to limited sharing.  According to Parks and Associates latest study, 40% of those surveyed would prefer to switch carriers then to share data. A series of consumer surveys over the last 12 months—showed that consumers want the unlimited data plan back. When asked about new shared data plans the top reason people don't like them is the cost.

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AT&T Tablets Lose Contract Discount HTC JetStream, Pantech Element & Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

HTC Jetstream

HTC JetstreamAT&T has stopped subsidizing tablets bought with a contract.  According to leaked internal documents as  of August 19, yesterday, tablet will only have no-commitment contracts without a share plan.

Today, we checked on the AT&T website and all tablets are shown as "No service commitment."

The tablets, however, can be included int shared data plans  for an additional $10 a month. The data is shared across devices.  See plans below.

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AT&T Share Data Buckets vs Verizon's Share Everything - How Keep Unlimited Data

ATT Shared Data Plans

ATT Shared Data PlansAT&T Wireless announced its AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August with no changes to AT&T’s device upgrade policy.

When the plan was announced, it was immediately compared to Verizon Wireless' share everything plans.  The main differences are that AT&T will continue to subsidize device prices with all its plans when there is a new contract and a slightly different data prices when buying large amounts of data.

Verizon  Wirless is no longer subsidising new smartphones with unlimited plans while, AT&T  allows you keep your unlimited data plan as long a you like, but does throttle data for the heaviest users. Read how to keep your Verizon Wireless unlimited plan.

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Best Cheapest Wills & Ways to Keep VZW Unlimited Data by Ending Time 2night & Ever After

How to Keep Verizon Unlimited Data Plans

How to Keep Verizon Unlimited Data Plans Tomorrow, June 28, Verizon Wireless will begin offering their new shared data plans. We contacted Verizon Wireless to see exactly what time the changeover begins.  You still have until 12:00 am PST  to upgrade to subsidized smartphone if eligible on your plan.  Others have grown to great lengths to keep unlimited data, including keeping the dead alive (in Verizon's eyes).

Verizon spokesman Ken Muche who works on the west coast put it this way, "Share Everything plans go live at 12:01am PST on the 28th, which is 9:01pm in Hawaii on the 27th."

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Sprint Kills Unlimited Mobile Hotspot/Phone as Modem Data

Sprint ADD ON

Sprint ADD ONSprint claims to be the only carrier with truly unlimited data however, they are now enforcing usage limits on tethering devices, called "Mobile Hotspot and Phone as Modem" add-on charges.

This month Sprint began sending emails  and text messages to users warning informing that enforcement would begin this month. Some customers had unlimited mobile hotspots for $30 a month.

Sprint claims that previously Sprint did not have the tool to monitor mobile hotspot and tethering services.

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