Verizon Wireless Free Calls & Bill Credits in NY & NJ

Verizon Charging Station

Verizon Charging StationVerizon Wireless reports that 98.1% of its cell sites are in service in the areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The Company has made progress in restoring service ton lower Manhattan. Verizon will also be crediting wireless accounts in affected counties in New York and New Jersey (list follows) for voice and text overage charges.

Verizon Wireless augmented service on Saturday at Floyd Bennett Field, in Breezy Point, Queens, and dispatched additional mobile network resources to Coney Island, Long Beach, and Staten Island, NY.

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Verizon Outage Update NYC NJ - Free Charging & Suggestions

Verizon is working to get all of its services up and running in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Verizon Wireless is offering free device charging to anyone who needs it in its stores in the hurricane region.

They are working on delivering mobile charging stations to hard-hit areas such as New York City. Today  94% of its towers from Maine to Virginia were operational and supporting customers.

Verizon Wireless also suggested to extend battery life, to dim the screen, stop notifications, turn off apps and to try an extended battery.  Stores are stocked with accessories such as car charges and batteries.

Today, Verizon Wireless set up a temporary antenna in Jersey City across from the World Trade Center to help support financial organizations in northern New Jersey.

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Text & Phone Donations to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy Red Cross President Obama said today that the best way you can help those who are dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy is to donate to the Red Cross.  The Red Cross is accepting text donations.

With your help, the Red Cross has already opened shelters in seven states, mobilized emergency response vehicles, secured meals and readied supplies including cots, comfort/clean-up kits.

There are also other agencies that are in need of text donations that are listed below:

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Verizon Update of New York Enterprise Hurricane Damage

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane SandyWe received news from Verizon Wireless and its efforts to restore service to New York City, including Lower Manhattan and other effected areas.

Verizon is working with government agencies and clients to evaluate the situation.  The company is rerouting data and voice calls to facilities that have not been impacted.  They will be updating information at 4:00pm EDT.

Here is the latest statement from Verizon spokesman Jeffrey Nelson:

12:00 noon ET on Oct. 30: Verizon is continuing to assess the situation, working with appropriate government agencies, power companies and first responders and collaborating with clients on restoration efforts.  Key updates at this time include:

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Hurricane Sandy - Wireless Ready, Red +, Limit Calls & Donate

Red Cross App

Red Cross AppAll the major carriers are ready for Hurricane Sandy (read disaster tips). The Red Cross has apps to help find shelters and you can donate to aid those who are affected by the hurricane.

The FCC encourages people to limit non-emergency voice calls and to keep calls brief to avoid network congestion.

To find a shelter, people can download the Red Cross Hurricane app, visit the Red Cross web site, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767), or check local media outlets. They should also register on the Red Cross Safe and Well website, that helps families connect during emergencies.

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