Yellow is the New Green Way to Charge Samsung Galaxy (or iPhone) with Urine (Pee) via MFC

yellowtoilet The toilet (loo) is a popular place for phone use and it may soon become the best place for a quick cell phone charge.  You've heard of fuel cells, well there may be urine cells in the future(MFC).

The news has lead to number of humorous titles from journalists who can't help punning about the piss-abilities of  the new source of power.

Some call it urine-tricity, wee-power, piss-wattage, ur-ine for a treat, tinkle-charging,  juice from your juice or the liquid gold rush. However,  there is a serious case for using urine to create power.

A scientist in the U.K. has found a way to bring more power to the pee-ple (right on) and make the whiz-dom of yellow, the new green for sustainability.

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Cell Phones Hazards: iPhone 5 Bests vs S Galaxy S3 - Samsung Best Overall

Top Greenest Cell Phones

Top Greenest Cell PhonesThe top best greenest smartphones include the Motorola Citrus, iPhone 4S, LG Remarq, Samsung Captivate, iPhone 5 and Samsung Evergreen.  In the green department, the iPhone 5 scores 2.75 while the Samsung Galaxy S III scored 2.99 according to  (read iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S III comparison)

 The sales of both super smartphones have been excellent with each one with different features.  The Samsung Galaxy S III may have gotten a higher score due to its much larger size and components.

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Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate Greens 6/10 at AT&T

Samsung Exhilarate

Samsung ExhilarateAT&T will a "sustainable" smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate on  SundayJune 10, for $49.99 with a contract.  This smartphone has many high-end features and is certified green by two different certifications.  You can get it for free by using the coupon-link below.

Features include a 4-inch touchscreen Super AMOLED display, a dual core 1.2 GHz Scorpion processor, voice recognition and access to AT&T U-verse Live TV.  It also features a 5-megapixel auto-focus rear-facing camera that lets you record videos in 720p HD and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera. It comes with a low-load energy-efficient charger that lets users know when it fully charged.

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Samsung Galaxy Appeal Deal with Green Appeal?

Samsung Galaxy Appeal

Samsung Galaxy AppealComing to Walmart on June 5th, is the Samsung  Galaxy Appeal is a QWERTY Android phone using the prepaid GoPhone service for $149.99.

The Samsung  Galaxy Appeal  features  Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), 3.2-inch touchscreen 3MP camera with 3x zoom, 800MHz processor, microSD card slot.

For green fans,  the Samsung Galaxy Appeal's plastic parts are made of 80-percent recycled material and the phone ships with reduced packaging material compared to other Samsung devices, cutting back on paper usage.

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