Best Droid vs iPhone 5/5S 2103 Now or Later AWS, LTE-A You Ask?

Over the weekend, Walmart permanently reduced the price of the iPhone 5 by $60 which made many to wonder is the next iPhone 5S worth waiting for and if the next Droid will be worth waiting for.

First off, please be aware that there have been no "official announcements" over either product.  There have been leaks of parts of the next iPhone 5 and the next Droid remains a mystery, well sort of.  Here are several questions to ask yourself before making your decision.  Those that lean towards iPhone are marked with an i and those that are Droid are marked with D.

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iPhone Activation Lock 2 Stop Apple Pickers? Cops Need More?

Activation Lock iPhone iOS 7

Although the iPhone iOS changes have not all be groundbreaking, one features may be theft and black-market resale-breaking. This feature so far has not been matched by Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy line or HTC One. Law enforcement is encouraging smartphone makers to develop a permanent to solution to smartphone-poaching.

One in three robberies nationwide involve the theft of a mobile phone according to the FCC.  175 million cell phones have been sold in the U.S. in the past year. Apple products are so often stolen, police call it Apple picking. There are instances of people being killed during iPhone thefts or greatly harmed for an iPad.

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iPhone 4/4S/5 iOS 7 Update vs Samsung Galaxy S 3-4/Note 2

It looks like Apple took its cue from the features that the Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II and 4, with its refresh of iOS 7. Let's compare what features are very much alike in iOS 7 coming to iPhone 4, 4S or 5 that are currently available on many of the Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones and phablets. Previously in court hearings Apple claimed that Samsung stole its icon style. Maybe Apple borrowed from Samsung this time around.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GS 4) vs iPhone 5: GS 4 Best @ Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint

T. Michael Walkey at Canaccord Genuity  updated his projections for May iPhone sales noticed that the competition from the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One were heating up, with Samsung top maker of smartphones sold in May through carrier retail stores.

Walkley noted that in the long run Apple's iPhone has a strong product line and the forthcoming iPhone 5S in September that will accelerate earnings.

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