Microsoft to Buy Nokia: Lumia Name Changing

ballmerelopThe top news story today that made it Google Trends higher than even the soon to be released iPhone 5S/5C is that Microsoft is acquiring Nokia's mobile/smartphone and licensing of its patent portfolio and mapping services in a $7.2 billion deal.

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AT&T Buys Cricket in Leap of Faith & Expansion

AT&T announced that it is int he process of buying  discount flat-rate carrier Leap Wireless.

AT&T will pay $15 per share to own licenses, assets, retail stores and 5 million subscribers. The cost is estimated to be $1.2 billion.  AT&T will keep the Cricket brand and low-cost services.

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Sprint Keeping Unlimited Data with New Buyer

SoftBank Sprint

SoftBank SprintSprint announced today that it had sold 70% of its business to SoftBank.  Many are wondering if this deal will change policies at Sprint. SoftBank paid over $20B for its equity.

"Unlimited data is a key differentiator and we have not announced any plans to stop offering them," a spokesperson told LightReading Mobile.

Some contend that it will still be possible for Sprint to stopped offering unlimited data like AT&T and Verizon did. Sprint is slowly rolling out its 4G LTE network, Softbank's experience with 4G LTE should help.

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