Nexus 5: Release Date 10/31 or 11/1-Soon

nexu5swingupToday there was a waterfall of leaks around the Nexus, so many that it's almost official.

A Nexus 5 showed up in the Google Play store with a starting place of $349 for the 16GB model with the phrase "Capture the everyday and the epic in new fresh ways."

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Nexus 4 Price Cut Cheapest Deal Ever b/4 Nexus 5?

nexu4adWhoa, the Nexus 4 was already a great deal at $299 for a 16GB top of the line pure Google Android powerhouse. Now the company has reduced the price of one of the best smartphones of 2012 by $100 to $199. The 16GB model is $249.99.

The Nexus 4 comes in both black and white. It sold-out almost immediately when it went on sale due to the low price and high specifications. The best features are that it receives upgrades to Android quickly and it is unlocked. Reviewers noted that it lacks LTE, has poor call quality and audio speakers.

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Nexus 4 T-Mobile vs Straight Talk: Best Deals Prepaid or Un Revealed

Best Nexus 4 Plans

The white Nexus 4 is now on sales in the United States via the Google Play Store and T-Mobile. We checked the top plans available to help your figure out the best plan for your needs. The information is summed up at the end with a Dare 2 Compare chart. When compared to the iPhone on T-Mobile, the Nexus 4 is a cheaper deal, see comparison chart below.

The black Nexus 4 continually sold-out when it first went on sale. As of this writing, all models are showing "Ships in 1-2 business days"at the Google Play Store.  The 16GB model sells for $299 plus tax and shipping while the 32GB models sells for $349.99.

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Nexus 4 Whitens on 5/29 Release Date No LG Nexus 5

Those who attended Google I/O did see the ghost of the next Nexus in white which has now been confirmed by LG to be released, first in Hong Kong on May 29.

The white Nexus 4 has the exact same specs as the black version (expect for color) that include Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, 4.7" touchscreen, 2GB RAM and quad-core Sanpdragon S4 Processor that sells for $299 with 8GB of storage.

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No Nexus 5 but Nexus 4 White-Washed at Google I/O: June 10

Googlers have gotten their hands on a new incarnation of the Nexus 4 in white/ivory that a white knight for pure Google fans.

There's glitter in the background of the ivory-colored Nexus 4 cases seen at Google I/O.  Although Google has not announced it, the Nexus 4 will apparently come in Ivory, with the same internal specs of the black Nexus 4.

The snowy-white Nexus 4 will reportedly be released on June 10, according "to word on the street" or four weeks from today on the Google Play Store.

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