Nexus-Brained Nexus One & S Used 4 Global Earth Shots

While consumers may have abandoned their  Nexus One or Nexus S smartphones there were three Nexus that took a trip into space and sent back earth images.

Photos were combined in NASA's PhoneSat, from small boxed shaped satellites that were put into orbit on April 21. The devices used Nexus smartphones for brains.  Meanwhile earthlings have heard nothing about the new cousins of the Nexus One and S , the Nexus 4 LTE or Nexus 5.

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Nexus GS 4 without the Samsung Galaxy & Nexus 4 $ Pricing

While Nexus 4 fans are waiting for the next Nexus or even signs of a Motorola X, Google announced a pure Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4.  It is called a "Nexus" user experience but does not have the rock bottom pricing of the Nexus 4.

This GS 4 is unlocked(bootloader) to work with either LTE for T-Mobile or AT&T and will sell for $649 when released on Google Play on June 26. The GS 4 will have "prompt system updates" from Google.

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Next Nexus 4/5 Coming -Moto X XFON Nixed 4 Now or Droid?

We're getting closer to see what Google and Motorola will be producing in the coming months.  There have been new Nexus 4/5 LTE and Motorola X (XFON) reports as we approach Google I/O.

LG Megalodon Nexus 4 LTE or Nexus 5?

LG is reportedly working on the next Nexus 4/5.  Some retailers in the U.K.  have taken Nexus 4 off the shelves and are not stocking them. Google's retail locator for the Nexus 4 shows limited retail availability. This lead the conjecturatti to contend that there will be a new Nexus soon.

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New Numbers 4 Nexus 5 4G LTE, Motorola X and Nexus 11

Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One are like, we rounded up the rumors and news around the next Nexus models including the new Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and the bigger Nexus 11 tablet.

Next Nexus 4, Nexus 4 LTE?

The latest rumors suggest that the next Nexus smartphone will be an upgraded Nexus 4 with LTE.  The Nexus 4 LTE will reportedly be announced at Google I/O in May and have increased storage of 32GB and may support CDMA voice (Sprint or Verizon).  An AnTuTu benchmark score shows a Google Nexus 4 LTE running Android 4.3.  The naming of the scores can be easily faked and entered by the tester therefore it is not a verified rumor.

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Wait 4 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One, iPhone 6, Nexus 5 & Motorola X?

We are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in  a few weeks, a couple of weeks after the HTC One and most likely a month or so before the announcement of the next lines of fall smartphones such as the iPhone 5S or 6. Then even further down the line the Nexus 5 and or Motorola X.

Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the highest specs possible with current manufacturing standards which include 5" Full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen, 2GB RAM, 12MP camera, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and Temperature/Humidity sensors.

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