Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Date/Accessory Round-Up

Samsung sent out an "official new release" today stating that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be widely available at seven U.S. carriers and seven retailers beginning in April. Some carriers announced their release dates, preorders, deals and pricing.

  • Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 4 - preorders start Thursday April 18(while supplies last), released date in stores April 27, price $249.99 for 16GB SG S4 for new line or eligible upgrade.  New Sprint customers receive $100 instant credit.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 AT&T Relase Date May Day

Preorders from AT&T start today for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 with a ship date of April 30. Which we assume makes the release date May 1, May Day.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 will released from T-Mobile on May 1.  Other carriers haven't announced release dates, yet.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 News: 1st U.S. Release Date & New Sensor Sense

Every one is wondering when they get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in the United States. When it does arrive it will have many sensors in it for practical uses.

SG S4 Release Dates Estimated, Reported & Unlocked

Is this the first release date for Samsung Galaxy S4? Click on image for sizing.
Is this the first release date for Samsung Galaxy S4? Click on image for sizing.

We have gotten the official word of from T-Mobile that it will be available on May 1.  AT&T begins preorders on April 16. We've found one source that shows Samsung Galaxy S4 expected on April 22.  There have also been some leaked suggested release dates.

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HTC One Release Dates AT&T, Sprint vs T-Mobile.

The HTC One will go on sale from AT&T  and Sprint on Friday, April 19 and we'll be getting on to play with on that date. In the meantime, some were wondering when the new one from HTC will be available from T-Mobile.

New leaked documents shows that HTC One will arrive in some T-Mobile stores on Wednesday April 24.

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Sprint HTC One Release Date & Presales

New HTC One

Sprint also announced the details of the HTC One launch in April.  Preorders will begin for the 32 GB model-only and be in store and online on April 19.

April 19 is the release day for Sprint and AT&T, maybe T-Mobile will follow shortly. The Sprint news release highlights "HTC One reinvents the mobile experience by providing users a live stream that feeds personally relevant updates, a breakthrough camera that brings the photo gallery to life and the first dual front-facing stereo speakers on a phone with amplified audio."

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