iPhone Top Smartphone Bests Samsung Galaxy in US, Loved by Shoppers

The iPhone was the most popular smartphone in America.

The iPhone was the most popular smartphone in America.The iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5c even with its higher price points than Android competitors including Samsung showed the highest market share in the United States, in 2013. The iPhone is by far the most popular smartphone in the United States.

Data usage went from 5.5 GB per month in 2012's fourth quarter up to 6.6GB per month in the same quarter in 2103 according to NPD Group.  In the rest of the world Samsung ruled the smartphone Galaxies.

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Best Smartphones Review of Reviews: Consumer Reports-Samsung Galaxy S 4/Note III, LG G2, Droid Maxx Best iPhone5s - Nexus 5

Top Ten Best Smartphones

Top Ten Best SmartphonesFor the last week of 2013, we'll be reviewing all the reviews this year for the best smartphones of the year from different sources.  We are trying to discover "What are the top best coolest hottest smartphones of 2013."

Today, we look at Consumer Reports.  When we first started this feature, Consumer Reports, was not at the bleeding edge of the topic like tech reviewers.  Now that smartphones are mainstream, Consumer reports has improved greatly and also survey their readers to see what they thought of their carriers.

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Android Ruled U.S. iPhone Increased T-Mobile Smartphones

Android ruled in the Untied States, where Androids lead the way with 51.5% of sales in the three months ending in August.  iPhones increased 5.4% over last year in the same time frame with 39.3%f sales, reported Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Verizon maintained 37.1% of smartphone market share, leading the market with a growth of 6.9%. AT&T came ins second with 21.7% and Sprint with 14.6%.

Windows Phone remained at 3% while BlackBerry decreased to 1.8% of sales.

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