Samsung Galaxy Note Releases, Processors, Gear B4 iPhone 5S

NoteunpackedIn anticipation of the September 4 Unpacked Samsung event in Berlin, there have been multiple leaks around the Samsung Galaxy Note III and other associated gear about a week before the big iPhone reveal on September 10.

The Samsung unpacked event will be streamed live on the Samsung YouTube channel and in New York's Times Square.

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Android & Samsung Ruled in Q2, iPhone #2 Windows Phone #3

New reports from Gartner show that worldwide smartphones (51.8%)  are outselling feature phones. Worldwide phone sales totaled 435 million in the second quarter of this year. Samsung reigned at the top mobile and smartphone maker in the world.  Gartner adjusted figures  for worldwide mobile phone sales forecast to total 1.82 billion units this year.

Samsung was the number one smartphone seller in the world with  a 31.7% share over 71 million units compared to Apple's 31.8 million(14.2%) and LG's 11.4 million units(5.1%).  Lenovo sold 10.6 million and ZTE 9.67 million units.

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iPhone vs Samsung Round Two Samsung Banned by ITC

applesamsungSome Samsung devices that infringe upon two Apple patents are scheduled to be banned by the International Trade Commission,  pending a sixty day presidential review.

President Obama recently stopped another ITC order against Apple for infringing upon Samsung patents on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

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Samsung Galaxy Note III, Gear, Folder, S4 Active & SOS Review of News

There have been several rumors and leaks detailing what Samsung will release next in its Galaxy Series including around the next Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note III. Samsung promoting water – resistant smartphones may not be warranted.  But if you are rugged individual you may want to enter the Samsung SOS contest to win your own fantasy island.

Note: Unpack Your Next Samsung in September.

Samsung sent out invitations to a special media event "Unpacked" on September 4, in Berlin, during IFA.  Last year Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy Note II at a similar event.  Samsung is also expected to premiere other new Samsung devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Bests iPhone in Profits & Sales

Today analysts announced smartphone sales, profits and figures.  Samsung is a big profit winner and sells more double the amount of phones than Apple's iPhone.

Strategy Analytics reported Samsung with $5.2 billion in profits is the world's most profitable mobile phone maker in Q2, Apple is number two ($4.6 billion). Apple was the most profitable for almost four years, from Q3 2009 to Q1 2013.

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