Sprint Connect Landline-Like Cordless Phones $19.99 a Month

Sprint Phone Connect System offers SprintPhoneConnecthomeowners and small business customers two cordless phones for $49.99 with a contract. The phones connect to  Sprint Phone Connect plan fort unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling while on the Sprint network for $19.99 per month.

Sprint Phone Connect System is a fixed wireless voice terminal that offers voicemail, call waiting, caller ID (phone number only unless contact is in device address book), call forwarding, three-way calling and call restriction.

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iPhone & Samsung Galaxy Happiest & BlackBerry Z10, Lumia 920 Perform Well

JDPowersmarpthoneApple and Samsung were the only smartphone brands to achieve overall satisfaction scores that are at or above the study average  according to the J.D. Power. Apple's iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series smartphones are neck and neck depending upon which carrier.

The J.D. Power Award Recipient is Apple's iPhone. Samsung came in second.Overall satisfaction with smartphone devices is highest among AT&T customers (843), followed by Sprint (835); T-Mobile (825); and Verizon Wireless (825) customers.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Release Dates & New Video

GalaxyNote3The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is coming out this week along with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Here are all the release dates starting tomorrow with T-Mobile along with the companion Samsung Galaxy Gear.

A commercial is airing on YouTube showing notifications on the Gear, maps and design features.  The marionettes are shown and edited on a a Galaxy Note 3 screen.

All devices are due out during the month of October:

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