Verizon Droid ChaCha's Iris Tangos with Bad Taste and Controversy

Cha Cha Answers

Cha Cha AnswersChaCha  answers for teens and others issued an apology for "inflammatory answers," found through the ChaCha text service and Iris app.

A problem arises when guides who work from home, have only 140 characters to answer tough questions that many people have to answer for themselves.

 The motto of the company is "Powered by People" and it looks like people are only human, opinionated and can make mistakes.

"We sincerely apologize for this incident. We are taking this issue seriously and are making every effort to provide answers which comply with our company policies."

We have known for a while that when girls first get their periods they go to ChaCha first for advice.  It was referred to at an MMA seminar as a wonderful marketing opportunity for tampons and pads.   How far across the  deceny line did ChaCha guides go?

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