T-Mobile New Unlimited Deals: HTC One S Free, Samsung Galaxy S3 Cheap with Free Activation Start 2Day

HTC One S Free

HTC One S FreeT-Mobile started offering its new tier of data plans, with completely truly unlimited data, today. The previous unlimited plans were capped and throttled at 2GB.  To sweeten the deal T-Mobile is offering it's second top seller  for free while an online retailer is offering free activation and discounts.

The first announcement was unclear and we contacted T-Mobile to find out how the upgrade process  works. Say for example you already hide a 2 GB unlimited data plan and you wanted to upgrade to the truly unlimited data plan here's the official statement:

“New and existing T-Mobile customers will be eligible for T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan. Existing Value and Classic plan customers can simply migrate to the new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan without extending their two year contract. T-Mobile customers on grandfathered plans who choose to migrate to the new Unlimited Nationwide 4G data plan will be required to sign a new two-year contract,” said McLaughlin."

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T-Mobile New Unlimited Plans Explained: Details of Upgrades

T-Mobile Unilmited Data

T-Mobile Unilmited DataYesterday, we were confused about the new unlimited plans coming from T-Mobile. Today, we have an official statement from Kevin McLaughlin, vice president, marketing, T-Mobile USA.  The new unlimited plans are an addition to existing  plans.  We were also able to confirm how the upgrade process will work.

Here's how the  new plans will be working when they go into effect September 5. The new plans are actually, another new separate option. The Unlimited (2GB throttled) plans will still be available for those who don't use a large amount of data.

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T-Mobile New Unlimited Data vs Old Unlimited Data - $10 More Per Month?

Thing sare looking better in September, especially for data hogs who live in T-Mobile network areas.  On September 5,  T-Mobile will begin offering unlimited 4G data plans for smartphones starting at $20 a month which seems like a deal for heavy data users but could cost more for medium data users.  We took a look at the current web pricing and for some plans it will be a $10 a month increase and more expensive.

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AT&T Share Data Buckets vs Verizon's Share Everything - How Keep Unlimited Data

ATT Shared Data Plans

ATT Shared Data PlansAT&T Wireless announced its AT&T Mobile Share plans, available in late August with no changes to AT&T’s device upgrade policy.

When the plan was announced, it was immediately compared to Verizon Wireless' share everything plans.  The main differences are that AT&T will continue to subsidize device prices with all its plans when there is a new contract and a slightly different data prices when buying large amounts of data.

Verizon  Wirless is no longer subsidising new smartphones with unlimited plans while, AT&T  allows you keep your unlimited data plan as long a you like, but does throttle data for the heaviest users. Read how to keep your Verizon Wireless unlimited plan.

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How to Deal with Verizon's Share Everything 4G LTE Plans - Keep Unlimited Data & Get Best Deals on Droid RAZR/Bionic Update

Verizon Data Usage

Share EverythingVerizon Wireless is running a new commercial for the Share Everything plans.  It makes it seem like it's all wonderful deal.  However, what the family is actually sharing is higher costs for data.  It is the data that is being shared not the voice minutes or the texts with smartphone plans because for each smartphon voice and text are unlimited. We calculated the recommended plans from Verizon for such a family and gave our own recommendations.

In this day and age when even preteens have to have a smartphone the most highly used feature is  data.  Yes, Verizon Wireless has the greatest coverage and some of the best speeds for 4G LTE, but depending on usage could be the most expensive.

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