AT&T vs T-Mobile Price Wars - T-Mobile Free Month v $450

TMobileswitcherooA few years ago, AT&T wanted to buy T-Mobile. They are both GSM carriers and their networks and some phones are compatible.  Well the AT&T deal was squashed and T-Mobile has been reducing prices when your bring your own phone.  Big Magenta is expected to get in the pink at CES by announcing some kind of deal for those who leave AT&T. Today AT&T offered some credits and trade-ins to lure away T-Mobile customers.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4 (GS 4) vs iPhone 5: GS 4 Best @ Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint

T. Michael Walkey at Canaccord Genuity  updated his projections for May iPhone sales noticed that the competition from the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One were heating up, with Samsung top maker of smartphones sold in May through carrier retail stores.

Walkley noted that in the long run Apple's iPhone has a strong product line and the forthcoming iPhone 5S in September that will accelerate earnings.

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LG Optimus G Pro AT&T@ 32Mbps vs HTC One @ 26Mbps

If you want a super-sized phablet-phone, the LG Optimus G Pro goes on sale from AT&T today for $199.99 with a contract. The LTE speeds on the LG Optimus G Pro were blazing fast in Los Angeles.

The LG Optimus Pro G has a huge screen and the same processor as the HTC One, however when we tested LTE for both at the same time the LG Optimus G Pro had higher upload and download speeds.  The highest upload speeds for the HTC One was 26Mbps down and 15Mpbs up.  While the highest LTE speeds for the LG Optimus G Pro were 32.9 Mbps down and 16.9Mbps up.

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Wait 4 Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One, iPhone 6, Nexus 5 & Motorola X?

We are expecting the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in  a few weeks, a couple of weeks after the HTC One and most likely a month or so before the announcement of the next lines of fall smartphones such as the iPhone 5S or 6. Then even further down the line the Nexus 5 and or Motorola X.

Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the highest specs possible with current manufacturing standards which include 5" Full HD Super AMOLED touchscreen, 2GB RAM, 12MP camera, microSD slot, Wi-Fi and Temperature/Humidity sensors.

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