WiMos Want Mo' Wi-Fi & Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, Says Survey


WiFiATTWireless an' mobile users want more Wi-Fi and would use it if it may data out faster and saved them money notes a new study by Smith Micro, conducted by uSamp.  More owners of smartphones would use them as Wi-Fi hotspots if  the feature wasn't so expensive. Many CTIA attendees use  "unauthorized"  apps for Wi-Fi hotspots and data tethering.

  • Ninety-five percent of smartphone users would leverage Wi-Fi if it enabled better mobile data performance.
  • 88 percent would prefer to access Wi-Fi networks if it reduced their monthly phone bill.
  • While 82 percent of respondents want to use their mobile device as a hotspot, almost one-third don’t due to cost or usability issues. 

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More CheapTablets Like HP TouchPad & Kindle Fire with Wi-Fi Wanted

HP TouchPad

HP TouchPadAlthough the Motorola Xoom for $199 sold extremely well during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the best tablet deals of the year were the $99 and $149 Wi-Fi-enabled HP TouchPads. The Wi-Fi-only Kindle Fire is also doing very well. Wi-Fi is becoming the preferred method of data access for tabet due to cellular data pricing, availability of Wi-Fi and smartphone adoption.

Yesterday, the sale of HP TouchPads slowed down eBay while HP sold 2,316 of t$99 16GB TouchPads and 5,534 of the 32GB $149 model. The original HP TouchPad fire sale downed even the HP website.  Along with the low price, many buyers liked the fact that the tablets operate via Wi-Fi access.

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