Follow HBO Entourage Characters with Whrrl, LBS

entourage.jpgWhrrl, the location-aware social networking and discovery service from Pelago, Inc., today announced that it has signed an exclusive marketing agreement with Deep Focus to promote the hit HBO series through the new service.

The promotion creates Whrrl accounts for all primary Entourage characters updated with specific location information and character commentary on the many chic bars, restaurants, clubs and other exciting places visited during the series. The promotion gives fans a fun way to get involved with the characters and provides a new medium for learning about the trendy hotspots featured on the show.

In addition to chronicling the high profile places that Vinny and the boys have visited in past seasons, there are potential plans to add new locations highlighted during this season which begins Sunday. Whrrl users will be able to auto-friend individual Entourage characters or view them as a collective Entourage group using Whrrl’s powerful filtering

Users interested in signing up for the full Whrrl experience should visit or point their mobile browser to Whrrl is available across the entire U.S. market with deep location and event content provided for most major cities.

Get a good look at all of these Entourage hotspots by going to:

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We’re wondering how GPS works on fictional characters>