Top Best Selling Smartphones of 2008: Microsoft Wins?

The stats are in and analysts are trying to figure out what company was the smartphone champ of 2008?

Microsoft claims more than 20 million smartphones were sold in 2008 with its software.

Adding totals form Apple’s reported figures, approximately 13-14 million iPhones were sold in 2008.

Eric Zeeman at InformationWeek Blog, estimates that 18 million Nokia smartphones were sold in 2008. 

It’s hard to say what smartphone maker is the winner.  We say it’s really a case of comparing Apples to “oranges” because not all the smartphones have the same features or hardware. Also, not all the phones are sold all over the world.  Nokia is not popular in the United States, where there were two ruling parties already, Microsoft and Apple ruled the PC space.

To figure out the hottest best coolest phones of
2008, Wireless and Mobile News compiled all the top lists and created a
chart to show the winners. 
The opinions of the reviews we surveyed for The Top Best Coolest Mobile Phones of 2008 were purely subjective. The top manufacturers were BlackBerry and HTC (Windows Mobile). 

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