Review of Reviews Top Best Coolest Hottest Smartphones of 2008


Wireless and Mobile News is dedicated to helping our readers sort out all the information about smartphones out there. At year end, many publications name their top, best, coolest, hottest or perfect smartphones of the year.  Just like in our Review of Reviews for cell phones and smartphones, we reviewed top sources and summarized the findings here. We took all the data from eight publications to research what the consensus is for the best smartphones in 2008.

First place is no surprise with many editors and writers pointing out the popularity of the  Blackberry Storm, iPhone 3G and T-Mobile G1. Keyboarded smartphones came in second and a dual entry phone in third.

It is interesting to note that although the Sony Xperia had been recalled, many pundits still put it on their best reviewed lists.

HTC and BlackBerry Top Manufacturers

As far as manufacturers go, BlackBerry had two winners under its name while HTC has two smartphones under its name and also makes the Xperia, and G1 making the top maker of the winners.

Wireless smartphone shoppers please note some of the winning smartphones are now appearing discounted during after-holiday sales including the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Storm.

Wireless and Mobile News Review of Reviews of Best Top Coolest Hottest Smartphones of 2088 Winners

1. First Place - 3 Way Tie 

2. Second Place - 2 Way Tie

3. Third Place

4. Fourth Place 2 Way Tie

5. Fifth Place

  • HTC Touch Diamond.
  • Palm Treo Pro.
  • Samsung Omnia

Runners Up: Nokia 97,  HTC Fuze, Samsung Instinct , Motorola Krave ZN4, and BlackBerry Pearl Flip

Below is a chart of all the Wireless and Mobile News Top Best Coolest Hottest Smartphones of 2008. Click on it to see it larger.



Channel Web named BlackBerry Storm top coolest smartphone of the year
followed by iPhone 3G, T-Mobile G1, Nokia N97, Sony Xperia, BlackBerry Bold, HTC Fuze, Nokia E71, LG Incite Samsung Instinct.

CIO ComputerWorld

Al Sacco at CIO named the hotest smartphones, T-Mobile G1, Sony Xperia, Apple iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Bold, Nokia E71, Palm Treo Pro,HTC Touch Pro, BlackBerry Storm. These are no particular order.

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i4U News named the iPhone 3G as the top smartphone of the year, and a gives a nod to the T-Mobile G1. This was part of their gadgets of the year. For the top holiday cell phones they suggest Pink BlackBerry, Apple iPhone 3G, Samsung Instinct, Samsung Armani Night Effect, HTC Touch Diamond, BlackBerry Bold, LG VU CU920 for AT&T, Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, BlackBerry Storm, and T-Mobile G1.
Bonnie Cha at CNET named her best smartphones on December 18, they are BlackBerry Bold, Nokia E71, Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch Diamond, and Palm Centro.


InfoSync made a best list of a and their touchscreen phones winning are Apple iPhone 3g, BlackBerry Storm, HTC Touch Diamond, Smasung Instinct amd Motorola Krave.


Gary Krakow at The Street showed his top 5 Cell Phones of 2008 as iPhone 3G, LG Incite, Nokia e71, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Pearl Flip.


Marin Perez, at Information Week picked for his top 5 smartphones highest ranked first, BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 3G, Nokia E71, T-Mobile G1, HTC Touch Pro.


At Forbes, Elizabeth Woyke's perfect smartphones of 2008 are Nokia N97, Sony Xperia, HTC Touch Pro, T-mobile G1, Palm Treo Pro, Samsung Omnia, LG Incite, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, and iPhone 3G.


Wireless and Mobile News did not select actual cell phones but top stories. Our top picks were Blackberry Storm, Sony Xperia Recall, Free Low Income Phones, T-Mobile G1 Walmart Controversy, President Elect Barack Obama.

When you look at the figures of the winners no winners received mention from every single publication.


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