Vote on America's Funniest Obama BlackBerry Ad

gal_obama_blackberry_10.jpggal_obama_blackberry_14.jpgThe New York Daily News asked advertising agencies to create ads for President-Elect Barack Obama to keep his beloved BlackBerry.

They are now asking readers to vote on their favorite humorous ad.  They call the feature “Bam Loves the Berry.”

You can cast your vote at the Daily News website and view all the BlackBerry LOLs.
Headlines Include:

  • Harder to kick than cigarettes.
  • This is one change I won’t make.
  • Chat with Biden on the Blackberry.
  • Mr. President, we feel your pain.
  • Pres. who brings something new to table.
  • Who’d want to give up that ringtone.
  • About national priority.
  • Let freedom ring.
  • Hot Line isn’t always appropriate.
  • Chooses Blackberry over presidency.
  • I’m Berry attached.
  • Yes he will.

It si interesting to note that some of the ads use older BlackBerry models while the one with the hairless dog, uses a BlackBerry Storm.

1.4 million text messages are expected to be sent when Obama is sworn-in.  There was a recent security vulnerability fix from RIM. There could be chance that Obama can keep his BlackBerry.