AT&T iPhone Account Management App Launched

AT&T now has an iPhone app to allow iPhone customers to manage family
and individual accounts directly from their iPhone. The app's primary functions include:

  • Bill and Pay - View monthly bill in full and make one-touch payments.
  • Voice and Data Usage - View all voice and data usage, including text messages.
  • Features - Browse and manage bolt-on features, including new texting plans and more.

AT&T myWireless Mobile will allow
password-authenticated iPhone customers to actively view all account
billing details, including:

  • Last payment amount and date.
  • Current balance and due date.
  • Full bill in PDF format.

Customers can also manage a range of payment needs using AT&T
myWireless Mobile, including making full or partial payments, and
selecting payment methods and preferences such as previously used
checking accounts and credit cards. Customers can also set up new
payment preferences, directly from their device, through the


For parents managing several AT&T accounts within a family plan,
myWireless Mobile provides easy access to both voice and data usage
across accounts. For example, parents can view voice minutes as part of
Anytime, Night & Weekend, Mobile to Mobile and Rollover usage;
plus, view current data usage and text messages, including both sent
and received texts. Account information is available for both family
and individual accounts.

AT&T myWireless Mobile also offers convenient access to several
AT&T features such as AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless, and
texting and data plans. Through the app, iPhone customers can explore
and learn more about available features, plus easily add or remove
features to and from their current account.

Once AT&T myWireless has been downloaded on iPhone, to access
account information, customers must already have an existing myWireless
service established via The same username and password
will provide account access on iPhone.

The AT&T MyWireless Mobile app is available for free from Apple’s App Store on iPhone 3G or at