Palm Pre News - New webOS 1.1 Update iTunes Syncable & Free Palm Pre Contest

sidebar_webos_swu110_.gifHere's updated Palm Pre news for today. There's a new update for the Palm Pre. After Apple blocked the ability to sync the Palm Pre easily with iTunes, and many Palm Pre owners were unsynced without a work-around, the latest version of the webOS 1.1 for the Palm Pre according to the official Palm blog:

"Palm webOS 1.1 re-enables Palm media sync.
That's right -- you once again can have seamless access to your music,
photos and videos from the current version of iTunes (8.2.1)."

Other features of the update for the Palm Pre include support for emoticons in messaging, the ability to set "person reminders" in the contacts app (next time you
get a message or phone call from that person, a message pops up showing
you a reminder to ask them about their vacation in Maui or maybe how their wedding went..."

For enterprise users it now has support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), including remote wipe,
PIN/password requirements, inactivity timeout and improved certificate

In the release notes of webOS 1.1 there are more details such as a Free NFL Mobile from Sprint, improved camera speed and better Facebook contact syncing. A new gesture is now available that works the same as the onscreen Forward  button. To move forward through open web pages, make a short swipe left to right in the gesture area.

The Palm Pre webOS 1.1 update will be set OTA (Over-the-Air) all you users have to do is tap "accept."

For readers who don't already have a Palm Pre.  Palm is running a contest on Facebook. US residents can enter a monthly giveaway on the Palm Facebook page --d leave a comment on the "Win a Palm Pre" tab
explaining why you need one. The current giveaway runs through August

If you go to the Palm website to learn more about the Palm Pre you can connect to Sprint to buy the Palm Pre , directly online, previously you could only buy the  Palm Pre in Spritn retail stores. Most Recent Articles in the Category Palm Pre.

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