Nexus One Trouble 2Day, Customer Service Complaints Continue, Rubin Says Working On it


nexusone form.jpgAndy Rubin talked to Walt Mossberg at All Things Digital (video follows.) Rubin and Google wanted a simple way to sell the Nexus One Google phone. They are only offering one T-Mobile plan to make it easier. Where Nexus One customers can get help, however is very complex, frustrating and confusing.

Google is working on an enterprise version of a Google phone.

In that interview with Walt Mossberg, Andy Rubin admitted there were problems with the email only customer service for the Nexus One Google phone . Customers on the web are very unhappy with customer service.

Customers have bee informed that they'll have to wait a couple of days for service noted Mossberg.

 When customers call T-Mobile they say call HTC, then T-Mobile says call HTC
Andy Rubin admits that there is no phone support and that there is sometimes a 3-day delay in response time. He says  that service is getting better. "We have to get better at customer service. We have to amp up customer service to reduce to a few hours."

Google may decide to have phone support. Meanwhile the Nexus One is causing T-Mobile's 3G services is buckling under the pressure notes Mossberg.

Other problems currently happening with the Nexus One are the absence 3G or the phone fluctuates between 3G & Edge.. Customers are asked to report locations where there are problems.

We scanned the entire Google Nexus One user guide and can not find a tech support link. Now that's customer support, read the manual.