What's that Hot Thing Exploding in Your Pocket? Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, He Says

Samsung galaxy Explosion

The XDA Developers forum is on fire with the latest pocket explosion from the Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket.

The story starts off "My friend almost lost his nuts.." and those weren't salted peanuts on the plane.  He smelled something burning and pulled the smoking SGS II SGH-I727  out of his pocket.  The phone is only a two weeks old.  All this information was posted by a forum member Silly22.

Punsters have gone crazy saying Rockets always explode or giving the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket a new name "Pocket Rocket". Techies have noted that using a bad charger could short out the battery.  Liquids such as coffee could cause a short too.

The photos show that the battery went on fire.  It the phone was not exposed to water it will still be under warranty.

Samsung responded in the forums stating that it will investigate the issue.

"Samsung takes all allegations involving product safety seriously. We invite the customer to contact us so that we can examine the phone to determine the cause of this incident. If you send us your name, phone number, phone IMEI, where the product was purchased, and email address to Social_Support_Mobile@sta.samsung.com, we will contact you to see how we can help. "

Sometimes these kinds or disaters have been staged.  It's nice to see that Samsung will investigate the issue.  The Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket received very good reviews and like all 4G LTE phone has battery issues.

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  1. There are certain gadget errors that occur out of negligence. Samsung has been consistent in providing quality products and as long as they will keep the majority satisfied and deal with problems effectively, the idea of "pocket rocket" will not flourish.

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